Toronto Maple Leafs v Ottawa Senators

And there you have the FIRST HUGE MOVE OF THE DAY. The Ottawa Senators have traded their third goalie: a really tall dude who’s looked good in a backup role and might thrive if given the chance to start.

I feel like I’ve heard this somewhere before…

Shown: Anders Lindback

Shown: Anders Lindback

The biggest news might be – holy hell – the Lightning gave up their Calder hopeful Cory Conacher (and a 4th-round pick). Conacher is a 23-year-old first-season NHLer who has 24 points in 35 games, and was named the AHL’s MVP last year. As Mike Halford of Pro Hockey Talk pointed out…


Seems like a lot for a goalie from where I sit, but hey: Lindback was a problem that needed fixing, I guess.

Maybe Yzerman knows something we don’t – Conacher is overachieving, Bishop is underrated, maybe we’ll be proven wrong. But at first glance the Sens gain a good player and give up essentially nothing (with Anderson back, their goaltending duo is stable), so we’ll go ahead and raise his arm as the winner on this one out of the gate.

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  1. Well, Yzerman isn’t looking like he’ll be around long. Nothing against Bishop, he seems like a solid goalie, but really?

  2. This is nuts. Why is the Lightning’s sole criteria for selecting goaltenders “height”?

    • Um, read the CBA again idiot.
      They’re rotating the nets in the NHL starting next year.

      Makes perfect sense. +1 Stevie Y

  3. Yet another young forward to play in Ottawa for years to come. Hard to believe that SENS got Bishop for just a 2nd round pick last year, and it got turned into this. Way to go Bryan Murray!

    • i totally agree with you naomi and ottawa needs offensive touch with three key players out i just dont understand why Brian murray didnt do more during the trade deadline . And Bishop was a pretty solid goalie and so was lehner it had to be one of them but go sens go

  4. Tampa have a lot of prospect depth as far as forwards go, particularly on the wings, letting one guy go in a position where you are relatively strong to shore up a weakness in your team isn’t such a bad move. If Bishop really is the #1 goalie that Tampa have been looking for Conacher really has to become the new St. Louis for the Lightning to really lose this trade.

    I’m going to wait and see how Conacher and Bishop do for their new clubs before I join in on the “what the hell was Yzerman thinking?!”-frenzy.

  5. I’m a sens fan, and I can assure any doubters here that Bishop is a future all-star. Guy got caught behind a red-hot Anderson and between the Sens goalie of the future in Robin Lehner. This is a fantastic trade for both teams. TB can sacrifice the offense and OTT can sacrifice a goalie.

  6. TB needs a total rebuild.

  7. As a sens fan I’m not sold on conacher yet. Really, the last thing the sens need is another forward that’s on the smaller side. Bishop has been great in his role with the sens, and I think the author of the article is under valuing him by saying that the sens essentially gave up nothing in this trade.

    • Agreed, Bishop is not nothing. But he was expendable on this SENS team, so in that sense Ottawa didn’t give up much. Also a pending UFA

      • Bishop will be an RFA this summer. He has a chance to be a legit 1A goalie, but I suspect he will be bottom third in ranks of league starting goalies when he reaches his prime. I also give Conacher a decent chance of being bottom six material and maybe even traded out of OTT in 1 – 2 yrs, depending on how he does and due to how much young forward depth they have in NHL and AHL.

      • Bishop is an RFA not UFA. At least post facts pal

  8. OnlyReason Bishop Isn’t StillOnThe Blues IsBecause Elliott & Halak Went Bonkers Last Year, Sure CouldUseHimNow!

  9. I think Ottawa lost as Spezza will be back as #1 centre all centres drop down lines and where does that leave Conacher?….. I would have traded Anderson and Kept the youth.

    • Assuming there was a market for the chicken gouger

    • He’s young and talented, he doesn’t have to be a centerman, I bet he will be on the wing when our team is back to full health and down Alfie.

    • Uhhh Conacher is a forward, I’m not sure if you know hockey but that doesn’t limit him to just centre. The guy played a ton of winger minutes for the Lightning this year. Now to see if he’s any good away from Stamkos and St. Louis…..

    • give me back my name

  10. I love move for sens / Ben bishop farewell , Sens fan are happy Tampa bay are thinking what the flying F

  11. If I was a Sens fan, which I’m not, I would be very happy with this deal but would wonder if maybe a better option would have been to trade Anderson and keep Bishop & Lehner. If I was a Lightning fan, I would be happy that the deadline is passed and that no more dumbass deals can be made for no reason….Tampa is all but out already so I see no rush to get that extra help in net unless you really think Bishop is going to be your guy moving forward. Giving up Conacher seems really strange to me, especially for a team that would be classified as a seller on the deadline, you would think they would be looking to move overpaid players for picks rather than give up a hot rookie who, by the way, has more points this year than the likes of Marian Hossa,Teemu Selanne, AND Jarome Iginla.

  12. I like the trade i truely believe bishop will be a great addition to TB and conchar would be great along spezza michklic would be a great line drop alfie down one but alfie is also a ufa next year

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