Toronto Maple Leafs v Ottawa Senators

And there you have the FIRST HUGE MOVE OF THE DAY. The Ottawa Senators have traded their third goalie: a really tall dude who’s looked good in a backup role and might thrive if given the chance to start.

I feel like I’ve heard this somewhere before…

Shown: Anders Lindback

Shown: Anders Lindback

The biggest news might be – holy hell – the Lightning gave up their Calder hopeful Cory Conacher (and a 4th-round pick). Conacher is a 23-year-old first-season NHLer who has 24 points in 35 games, and was named the AHL’s MVP last year. As Mike Halford of Pro Hockey Talk pointed out…


Seems like a lot for a goalie from where I sit, but hey: Lindback was a problem that needed fixing, I guess.

Maybe Yzerman knows something we don’t – Conacher is overachieving, Bishop is underrated, maybe we’ll be proven wrong. But at first glance the Sens gain a good player and give up essentially nothing (with Anderson back, their goaltending duo is stable), so we’ll go ahead and raise his arm as the winner on this one out of the gate.