Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers

With the news that Flyers’ GM Paul Holmgren has added Steve Mason, I was curious: just who has Paul Holmgren had in net since he’s been in charge in Philly?

He took the job as assistant general manager with the Flyers in 1998-99. Since then, here’s who the Flyers have stuck in the crease:

flyers goalie


Please note: he gets hired when John Vanbiesbrouck is the tender. Then the rest of it happens, and you know where we’re left today: Ilya Bryzgalov and now Steve Mason in the crease, with the two most credible names on the list – Sergei Bobrovsky (possible Vezina winner) and Ray Emery (great record in Chicago this year), gone.

Maybe they should have a GM, and a goalie GM. Who’s to say one guy is going to be good at judging talent at every position?


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  1. he needs to be fired. this problem has lasted to long not to be addressed

  2. Favorite Philly goalie moment: Isles/Flyers, late 2001, with the game scoreless and the Flyers on an OT power-play… the puck winds around to Mike Peca with about ten seconds left, and he looks up, sees nobody in front of him, and goes “eh, why not.” He winds up with a clean breakaway from center on Cechmanek. The whole of the arena goes deadly silent, except for one guy a section over who bitterly screams at the top of his lungs, “GOOD! I HOPE HE SCORES!”

    And he did. Cechmanek HAD to have heard him, too. I put my coat on and turned to my buddy and said, “Let’s get the hell out of here before they kill anything in blue and white.”

  3. It’s got to be the terrible defense, doesn’t it? The amount of high quality scoring chances these guys give up in a game is insane, shots definitely don’t tell the whole story.

    Emery and Bob’sky are veritable All-Stars now playing on tight-checking teams.

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