Minnesota Wild v Vancouver Canucks

When Roberto Luongo was pulled off the ice at the end of practice, a number of people speculated there was a deal in place. Hell, he even thought so. There wasn’t.

Instead, Luongo held a press conference explaining where he’s at, offering the following quotes.




Obviously he’s going to play his best in Vancouver, but it has to suck operating with one foot out the door. He deserves a lot of credit for handling this as he has. Not everyone – hell, not many NHLers – would take things so well. Especially not proven stars.

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  1. The reason nobody is willing to pay much is the perceived view that the Canucks have to move him. Frankly, good on the Canucks for not pulling the trigger on a bad deal. Sucks for Luongo…

  2. “He deserves a lot of credit for handling this as he has”.. it’s pretty easy to do that when you’re gettin paid $6.7 million per season until 2017/2018

    • wow. 6.7 mill to sit on an nhl bench with your buddies , relax and watch a hockey game from the front row? yeah that contract really “sucks”. where do I sign up?!

  3. Pressed send to early lol… all kidding aside, I can see the Devils going for Luongo which would be a perfect fit for him. Small-market, no media pressure and a solid team through and through.

  4. Credit to Lu…especially given how poorly he handled himself in the 2011 SCF. He’s showed a lot of maturity and grace in a tough situation.

  5. I’m glad to see Luongo is still a Canuck!!! Trade Schneider, Lu is our #1 and always will be! <3

  6. Is it not possible to void an NHL contract if both sides agree to it?

    I’d assume Luongo’s agent would have something to say about that since he gets a good chunk of it..?

    • All contracts are normally voidable if all sides agree…but I figure it’s an NHLPA issue. They probably don’t want their membership backing off on signed contracts, since that could incentivize teams to make guys on bad contracts miserable. There might also be something in the CBA on it.

  7. Honestly, I feel really bad for the guy, he just wants to play the game. He deserves to be on a team where he’s playing 60-65 games and not riding the bench. If Vancouver can’t treat him with that kind of dignity, then another franchise surely will. Lu is a trooper and a really good sport, I hope he settles in somewhere better soon.

  8. hard to feel bad for the guy when he was trying to force his way to florida last summer, serves him right for being a primadonna


  9. The otherside of the coin here is that Cori Schneider needs the praise. He’s the reason we are even able to talk about trading Lu.

    Simply put Cori has stepped up to the plate when many thought he would fail after his poor performances in the minors!

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