St Louis Blues v Dallas Stars

It appears that the Boston Bruins were after some depth on D at the deadline, as this seems to have happened:

Here’s my passionate analysis: he has five points in 23 games…sometimes he’s a healthy scratch…he logs about 15 minutes a night when he’s in…he’s okay. Good guy, not a game changer. He will now be wearing a black and gold uni, and have a chance to win the Cup. And for those who’ve followed his story: wouldn’t that be sweet?

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  1. aghh I hate having someone to cheer for on boston. But would be a great story for him to win it all this year.

  2. Ugh. He sleepwalks through two seasons with the Rangers, gets rewarded for his ineptitude and lack of effort, and then not only gets a handsome buyout payment, but gets to play for a contender?

    There is no God.

    • Have to agree. Reason he left Ottawa was too much of the “party” life with Ray Emery. He like the white and could not hack it in NY. Now he goes to Bean town. Good luck bruins.

  3. Wonder if he’ll partner up with Chara?

  4. This ain’t gonna make any difference on Boston’s chances. Wade Redden has dealers in every city. Hope it doesn’t affect the rest of the team.

  5. He likely doesn’t suit up unless something terrible happens. Not a bad depth move for a 7th rounder.

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