Colorado Avalanche v Calgary Flames

Yay? Wait, no, not yay.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired Ryan O’Byrne from the Colorado Avalanche for a 4th round draft pick because the Leafs really need more big defencemen who take a lot of penalties. O’Byrne has spent the last 3 seasons with the Avs and, this season, has four points to go along with 54 penalty minutes. He also sports a -15.1 Corsi rating on the Colorado Avalanche who, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, are not a very good hockey team.

Maybe Dave Nonis thought he was getting Ryan O’Reilly? I can’t wait to see how far ahead O’Byrne slots in ahead of Jake Gardiner on the Leafs’ depth chart.

But seriously, this is a nothing trade. O’Byrne is a pending UFA after this season and, while he will probably be used incorrectly here because Carlyle, it’s hard to get in too much of a frenzy over this one (though God knows we’ll try).

Basically this:



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  1. I like this depth move.
    Can’t enough toughness and size to clear the front of the net.

  2. Now that the O’Byrne era has arrived, the Planning Committee for the Stanley Cup Parade can proceed swiftly

  3. It is awsome that o’bryne is going to the leafs because the leafs need strong defense

  4. Wrong Colorado player Nonis!!!! Next time try getting something you need…like a forward…ANY forward!!!!

  5. That was a joke right victor?!?
    Not only depth but some playoff experience as well, cause were finally going to need it

  6. Nice depth move, because he brings playoff experience…ARE YOU STUIPD VICTOR..he also played with J-M Liles. But I’m happy because Nonis didn’t make any stupi moves ‘

  7. The Leafs had nobody left on their blueline who score into their own net. Dave Nonis is not a man to let such a glaring need go unfilled.

  8. Some people would complain if they found money. Who ever wrote that article is obviously a moron the leafs finally have a good team who is starting to click and he’s crapping on them. God knows people love to complain this guys probably mad because he gets no where in life or his wife is cheating on him. I say give the team and coach a chance at least before you crap on them.

  9. Can we get O’bryne to get them to stay on the offensive when they have a lead?

    Whenever the Leafs have a lead, they stop being aggressive and blow the lead.

    Getting tired of watching them scrabble to win after giving up the lead.

  10. Can we get O’bryne to get them to stay o the offensive when they have a lead?

    Whenever the Leafs have a lead, they stop being aggressive and blow the lead.

    Getting tired of watching them scrabble to win after giving up the lead.

    Here we go again,April 6tth, two goal lead against New Jersey, gone we’re back to one goal. Sitting on our heels. Why?

    Here we go again, April 6th, two goal le a

    Here wego

    Here we go again. Playing New Jersey. Got a two goal lead, just lost it. Back to one goal lead.

  11. i have read so many different websites about what the leafs have done or what they should have done. I have never read so much crap in my life. To those who are complaining about our current Toronto Maple Leafs here it is. Stop all you mock trading or that we should trade Kessel for Ryan, lol. Get real. This team is the best team we have had in years and its no thanks to Nonis but to Burke. I am glad that they finally brought up Colbrorne who has great size and who has the skill. The Leafs have 9-10 players who in an 82 game schedule who can score 20+ goals to 40 goals. Kadri is no surprise he just needed the chance. The only problem is that the leafs have to many players who can play which is not a problem. Depth! Its about time. I remember when the leafs never had a legit winger for Sundin and a 2nd line center. Shit, now they have too many centers and will be playing someone who can score 20 goals on thee 4th line. Theres no problem with this team other than figuring who to play with who and if Lupul can stay healthy. Lupul goes down they can still score. Remember when Sundin would go down we would wonder who would be carrying the load? Carlyle is the coach this team needed and Burke made the mistake of hiring a friend in Wilson. But he fired his friend, but they fire Burke too instead of give him the benefit of the doubt. What big difference did Nonis do? Did he bring in Luongo? So to you winers stop the crying and complanining/ The Leafs are 4th or 5th in scoring goals and half way with goals against. Dont forget that the season started late and the players just started with the new system that Carlyle brings so give them time because they are finding it. Before teams would double team Kessel but who do they double team now? Kessel found another part of his game and thats passing. Van Riemsdyk has been the aquisistion that they needed who was playing on a stacked team and not being used properly.Every line is dangerous and can score and the defence is finding its way and playing well. All we need is for the goaltending to hold the fort, which is the only question mark but they both have very good save percentages. O’Byrne is a good pick up because he is a good stay home defencemen who was on a crappy team so someone had to have the worst – rating. I Think he will be a surprise just like Fraser has been and we have Gardner up here now which is about time. I cant believe all the crap i read. You have a team who can contend and who will surprise you so just enjoy the playoffs and learn the game of Hockey or at least learn to read stats. If the Leafs need to do anything they need to see if Bozak should be extended and maybe see whose available UFA later this year. Im suprised Connolly wasnt given a chance again, he didnt do bad being there his first year and all the coaching crap from wilson and the change. GO Leafs Go

  12. Just watched O’Byrne clear the front of the net a few times. He is huge and towers over many of the players on this Ranger team. Also Colbourne is on a line with Maclaren and Orr. Wow! What a 4th line of towers. two 6’5 and one 6’3. Unreal. And Maclaren was offensive and produced. But because he showed the tough side they ruined this guy. It would be nice to see that line spark up or at least Colbournes game get to top six forwards because he has the skill and was a first round top ten i think pick from boston. Dont keep shitting on the Leafs.

  13. O’Byrne scores!!!!!! Can this be one of those stories where a player finds a part of his game after leaving a crappy team and who was never an offensive defenceman? Would be nice if he can quarterback the powerplay. I wish Phaneuf would takes some target practice and one time lessons. He has a deadly shot but hardly hits the net or hits his players. lol. O’Byrne is looking good so far and this is his fresh start. He can box out the player but who knows maybe he will be a go to guy on the blueline offfensively. lol.

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