drinking game day

Welp, we’re under way. Check back here for updates as they happen – if you don’t know what I’m talking about…read this

* I can’t adequately describe how much joy it brings me when each person to arrive in the office this morning walks in and, without fail, asks if Zubes & Kyle are still alive.

* There are so many people in TSN’s studio. Why do they need three desks? And poor Jennifer Hedger, making her sit all by her lonesome. Give her some company on that desk, guys. Rude.

* A lot of protesting coming from the boardroom about the ‘using the phone’ rule. Direct quote from Kyle: “We don’t know he’s looking at his phone! He could be looking at his penis for all we know!”

* An entire segment about Brian Burke. Oh, I am so sorry, boys. (Not really).

* Zubes’ love of John Lu (because he’s not doing anything to make him drink) is likely to become my favorite trend of the day.

* Y’know…the guys keep talking about how they don’t want trades to happen so they don’t have to get drunk. I feel like this may not be entirely true. I think they want to drink. I see through their games.

* In a 3 minute span, TSN misquoted James Reimer and Jamie McLennan said they should trade for Kiprusoff. Tell me there’s a Leaf bias. Clearly, TSN wants them to fail.

* Really impressed with Mike Johnson on TSN so far. No idle speculation, not trying to drum up drama where there is none…it’s almost like he’s doing his job or something. Weird.

* The Damage Duthie Hath Wrought:

drinking game pic

If you missed it, Duthie prepped us with this…

…then ran the gamut of buzzwords (including Corsi) before a commercial break. Duthie the Best. For what it’s worth, I think the boys went light on the drinks given the string Duthie put together, but the office blew up so loud laughing after he got started that we missed a chunk of the middle.

*Just did a quick interview with the boys. Holy Lord, does it ever smell in that room. Just a solid mix of sweat and hot fruit.

*Know what would be awesome? A trade.

*Sara Orlesky looks bored. It’s okay, Sara, we’re bored too.

*Anyone wanna play Jacks or something? I need something to do.

*This is worse than Forced Watching.

*The real question of deadline day is how am I going to make it through 8 months without a new episode of Justified?

*Just to recap, the biggest trade on trade deadline day is the news that a trade isn’t happening.

*Waiver claims! Trade deadline fever! Catch it!

*TRADE. HOLY CHRIST WE HAVE A TRADE! Maxime Sauve to Chicago for Rob Flick. Uh…well….TRADE! WE HAVE A TRADE!

*Everyone get on your Twitters and RT trade tweets from @theScore today. It’s for a good cause (warning: cause may involve forcing people to drink alcohol, may not be a good cause).

*3 trades in the noon hour. Zubes is starting to get a little scared. The retweet glass is gon’ be full. I’m excited.

*Welp, the first Retweet Cup has been drank. Kyle took it down like a boss. Hoping for a lot more to come.


*Oh wow. Jussi Jokinen actually got traded? This could be very bad for Zubes. Very good for everyone else.

*Our friend Drew Fairservice suggested the guys start drinking Jagerbombs instead. The guys were not super wild about this idea.

*Just spoke to the guys again. Zubes had to do a very small Retweet Cup. Just 100ml. Zubes is getting goddamn cranky. Just a lot of vitriol being thrown about.

*HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH. Steve Mason to the Flyers! Ahahahahahahaha. Apparently they were runners-up on Ben Bishop, didn’t get him, and quickly grabbed Mason. I love it.

*Oh man, things are happening. Marion Gaborik to the Blue Jackets pending he waives his NTC. MY BOYS ARE MAKING THE PLAYOFFS! Seriously, if this happens, I am so happy for the Blue Jackets’ fans. That is awesome.

*So many trades. Pominville to the Wild as well. The boys are officially off the rails. I’m laughing a lot.

*Roberto Luongo has been pulled off the ice. Breath is being held. Here we go (maybe).

*Raffi Torres trolls us by existing once again. TSN went to break a trade and all the air got sucked out of the room. It was just Torres. Gross.

*Well, that was a whole bunch of nothing. On a more important note, the boys just finished a full (and final) Retweet Glass. I think they’re done. They don’t look happy. I feel like we might end up paying for this with future retribution somehow. They handled it (mostly) with grace though. Proud of them.