A conversation at Fox 11 in Anaheim:

“We need somebody to do sports today.”

“Mark likes sports.”

“Let’s have Mark do sports.”

“I like where your heads at – Mark, here are the topics for today, you’re going to do sports.” 

“I’m down. Not real familiar with ice basketball though.”

“How hard could it be?”

“Good point. LET’S DO THIS.”

(S/t to  Puck Daddy)

Comments (6)

  1. it is always big when you get that key basket past the goalieguy in the 3rd quarter like that

  2. Burgundy will read anything you put on the teleprompter! “Go fuck yourself Getzlaf.”

  3. Probably came from the guy who writes the teleprompter, no?

  4. At least he got the home team correct. In LA, we’re known as the Sacramento Kings…

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