Edmonton Oilers v Calgary Flames

As the smoke clears and the dust settles and other cliches happen, we talked about:

* The highs and lows of deadline day

* The Rangers thumping up the Penguins

* The Oilers hanging a snowman on the Flames

* Sharks stay hot

* Hall racks up five points

* Alas, Clowe scores

* Jake apologizing a lot for Jake

* And much more

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By the way: Taylor Hall’s Getty Images pages are pretty sweet. Big fan of this one:

Calgary Flames v Edmonton Oilers

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  1. I’ve actually been in car accidents smoother than the first part of this podcast. I blame Jake for everything.

  2. miiiiiight just have missed that first part in editing :)

  3. Oilers made the SCF in 06 as the 8th seed, at the time they were the first to do it

  4. As you no doubt expected, here is your daily geography lesson: Columbus is larger than Detroit, Boston, Seattle, Nashville, and Atlanta. Ohio has about the same population as Ontario in 1/10th the area. You’re welcome.

    (We do have a lot of cows though, which is why Ohio has the best ice cream.)

  5. all three of you should have to do a force watch…. of the womans hockey championship minus any US/Canada games

  6. You guys keep talking about Phoenix going far as an 8th seed.

    In terms of post lockout the yotes have been 4th seed (losing in 7 to Detroit) a 6th seed (Losing in 4 to Detroit) and then were the 3rd seed last year (Beting Chicago and Nashville, then losing to the Kings who had then beat the 1,2 and 3 seeds)

  7. The opposite of Feaster: Faminer.

  8. The butter toast comment is from the Movie Scent of Woman where Pacino is trying to convince a Ferrai Dealer to let Charlie Test drive a Ferrai. The Dealer goes onto say he’s known Coast to Coast like Buttered Toast. So it’s used out of context with a hockey analogy. (It’s parodied in American Dad where Rodger and Steve are trying to do the same thing).

  9. alas means “oh shame” .. not a shorter version of at last.

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