Vancouver Canucks v Edmonton Oilers

“Game of the Night” is a feature that takes a daily look at the best game on the NHL schedule, and sets it up for you. So y’know, you should probably watch the game below. This is brought to you by the Werner Ladder Company (check out their hockey vid here), because how else do you think the bulbs in the red goal light get changed?



Edmonton Oilers at the Vancouver Canucks


Edmonton Oilers: 16-13-7 (last 10: 6-2-2), 8th in the West, 39 points

Vancouver Canucks: 19-11-6 (last 10: 6-4-0) 4th in the West, 44 points


Don’t look now, but the Oilers have snuck into the eighth spot in the West, and the Canucks are battling the Wild for the lead in their division.


The Oilers – get this – are 2-0-1 against the Canucks so far this year.

Puck drop: 10:30 p.m. EST

Need to know:

* The Oilers are finding their stride, having won five straight contests.

* Edmonton won their last game snowman-to-two over Calgary, in which Hall tallied five points

* The Wild have lost two in a row, so the Canucks have taken advantage of that by…losing two straight. Both teams have 44 points in 36 games, and sit 3rd and 4th in the conference.

* The Canucks acquired centerman Derek Roy at the deadline from Dallas, while the Oilers acquired…Jerred Smithson, apparently?

Player stats: 


Injuries (via

Eric Belanger (groin) is day-to-day for the Oilers, while Andy Sutton (knee) is out indefinitely. … The Canucks are likely to be without Keith Ballard (foot), Dale Weise (shoulder), Zack Kassian (back), David Booth (groin) and Ryan Kesler (shoulder surgery).


Vancouver Canucks: Corey Schneider (unconfirmed)

Edmonton Oilers: Devan Dubnyk (unconfirmed)

What I’m looking forward to:

This might sound odd, but…the Oilers, man. I’m really enjoying watching the Oilers play. Taylor Hall has morphed into the guy we thought he could be, and now sits 7th in NHL scoring with 41 points (his five last night helped). This is a team with more than one line, and it’s really important you note that. More than just the kids!

Devan Dubnyk has been having himself a bit of a year, and with that comes wins. Funny, this NHL: good goalie, good team. Reaaaaaaal funny.

Also, I’m looking forward to seeing Derek Roy’s debut with the Canucks. I’ve always liked watching him play, and the ‘Nucks have needed some depth scoring with all the injuries they’ve had.


I kinda think the Oilers are going to make playoffs, which means they’re going to win games. Oilers win in a three-point game tonight..

Game of the Night prediction record:


Comments (4)

  1. If ever there was a sign that the Oilers have finally arrived, it’s this.

  2. Well, Jerry, what sign does being 28th out of 30 in puck possession give Edmonton fans?

    Their fenwick close is 44.72 %, only Columbus and Buffalo are worse.

    With that being said, this is a nice streak they’re on, but nothing looks like an “arrival” yet.

  3. Well Kevin, that was more of a tongue in cheek comment in reference to how the Oilers went from “Forced Watching” a couple weeks ago to being featured in the Game of the Night, it was more praise for Bourne’s recognition than anything else.

    If I wanted to know their fenwick close stats, I could just go to myself. What sign does being 22nd and 27th out of 30 in puck posession give Ducks and Leafs fans? Pretty sure most of their fans are too preoccupied with their playoff positioning to give a shit.

    With that being said, it was a nice little streak the Penguins were on, too bad Florida is still a better puck possession team than them, guess they won’t be winning another “cup” just yet.

  4. Just a comment on the injury report from

    How behind are those guys?

    Kesler has been out for over a month with a BROKEN FOOT, not Shoulder Surgery as they mentioned

    Same with Booth, he is out with a high ankle sprain that ended up requiring surgery, not a groin injury.

    Both those guys came back over a month ago from the initial injury, before suffering the new injury. Maybe the guys just blinked and missed it.

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