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By now most people are aware that here at theScore offices today, we have a couple gentleman partaking in a deadline day drinking game, watching TSN. You can read more about it here, but you get the gist: every time someone on camera checks their phone, drink. Every time someone says “upside,” or “rental, etc, drink. James Duthie heard about our game…

…and set out to kill:

The following ensued:

Duthie: as Tina Turner would say…Simply The Best. Looks like I’m out a twoonie (better spelling than in the tweet?), but as an Icelandic hockey player would say: “Two dollars? Well worth it.”

Here’s what he hath wrought:

drinking game pic

The reaction by Zuber – filmed, to be released next week – was priceless.

(Stick-tap to @SoYoureAnExpert for the video)

Comments (12)

  1. released next week? cmon cmon.. day is boring so far other than this game.. get it gif’d up and posted:)

  2. just post a live-feed and don’t get fired

  3. Toonie dammit, not twoonie!

  4. I think I’m drunk after just listening to that clip.

  5. awesome, they are so bored too.. Jay Onrait named his plastic plant Sergei Bobrovs-tree

  6. who’s the first star of the day…like who had to drink the most?
    THAT Guy from Germany is really waiting für your next podcast and the vid!

    PS: How handsome is Crosby now without his jaw and 1-87 teeth?! ;)

  7. if you guys ever want to play another drinking game.. try the staal brothers drinking game.. me and a couple homies played this a couple times.. we actually had to get my bro sent to the hospital because of a carolina pittsburgh hockey game.. whooda thunk it

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