duthie deadline

By now most people are aware that here at theScore offices today, we have a couple gentleman partaking in a deadline day drinking game, watching TSN. You can read more about it here, but you get the gist: every time someone on camera checks their phone, drink. Every time someone says “upside,” or “rental, etc, drink. James Duthie heard about our game…

…and set out to kill:

The following ensued:

Duthie: as Tina Turner would say…Simply The Best. Looks like I’m out a twoonie (better spelling than in the tweet?), but as an Icelandic hockey player would say: “Two dollars? Well worth it.”

Here’s what he hath wrought:

drinking game pic

The reaction by Zuber – filmed, to be released next week – was priceless.

(Stick-tap to @SoYoureAnExpert for the video)