This is not Jagr-face so much as the exact opposite.

This is not Jagr-face so much as the exact opposite.

Most athletes have a Try Face. Your Try Face is what naturally comes across your face when you’re at your most intense, your most concentrated, your most focused. We all have one. Michael Jordan was famous for rocking the tongue-out Try Face, for example.

Jaromir Jagr’s Try Face is not so cool.

I noticed this a little throughout the season when watching Jagr play,  but when sifting through some of my images it became more apparent and harder to ignore. He goes full Grumpy Cat when he’s trying hard.

Actually, maybe he goes more grumpy fish:

Grumpy fish

Tough call. I’ll let you decide.

Either way, here we go: introducing Jagr-face, which coincidentally, is the same one you make when you take a shot of jäger.

New Jersey Devils v Boston Bruins

Note the grumpy fish-esque heavy down-turn on the frown. This is the identifying trademark of true Jagr-face.

Dallas Stars v Los Angeles Kings St Louis Blues v Dallas Stars

Okay…granted, the next one isn’t necessarily an in-play Jagr face, but it might be the most meme-able. I just love it:

Dallas Stars v Columbus Blue Jackets

Jaromir Jagr is disgusted by you, and might possibly spit on you.

More Jagr-face:

Dallas Stars v Nashville PredatorsSan Jose Sharks v Dallas Stars

The trick is to really pour the frown on. Like, it sucks to have to try this hard but I’m a workhorse so I will.

Dallas Stars v Vancouver Canucks Chicago Blackhawks v Dallas Stars Chicago Blackhawks v Dallas Stars Phoenix Coyotes v Dallas StarsPhiladelphia Flyers v Pittsburgh Penguins

Don’t forget: we’ve broken down the wonderful Jaromir Jagr’s look before (an in-depth analysis of Jaromir Swagr), just not on the ice. He may be an international man of mystery, but there’s no doubt that the most annoying part of his day is when defenders have the audacity to try and stop him on the ice (did you notice that he has the puck in every picture?). Frown-worthy stuff, right there.

Oh, and I should note: this isn’t exactly a new thing.

jagr face