When Hall of Fame forward Pavel Bure made his long awaited return to Vancouver on Thursday night, it may have been the final obstacle for the organization to retire Bure’s No. 10 in the very near future.

Bure, who received a long ovation before the game Thursday against the Oilers, played seven seasons in Vancouver, scoring 254 goals and 224 assists in 428 games.

The question of whether or not “The Russian Rocket’s” jersey will hang from the rafter’s at Rogers Arena has not been officially announced, but owner Francesco Aquilini had this to say regarding the possibility.

“This is something we’re going to work on and definitely it’s in the plans,” Aquilini revealed. “We think that Pavel is going to be a great addition to all the members who are retired up there. He’s such a great guy and he’s such an exciting player. You could see the fans. The standing ovation went on for at least five minutes.”

Aquilini added this about the fans:

“He never had problems with the fans. He had problems with management, but never the fans.”

The Canucks have retired three players’ jerseys in their history.

Stan Smyl

Trevor Linden and

Markus Naslund.

Looks like Bure may be next.

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  1. I like Vancouver, they show you don’t have to win to get your number retired ;)

    • Most of the time jerseys are retired because of individual success and personal contributions to the overall well-being of an organization on and off the ice, it’s not always based on team success. You may notice from the small list of players who have their jersey retired, and by the names on that list, that they only do it with the teams all time greats who deserve to have their numbers retired.

  2. I still have goosebumps recalling watching Bure play at the Pacific Coliseum. He’s the most electrifying player the Canucks have had and he’s well deserving of having his number retired. 478 points in 428 games speaks for itself.

  3. It’s not exactly a team with a storied history.

    - Smyl’s got to be one of the most underwhelming players to ever have their number retired. He was basically the best player of a very poor first 20 years.
    - Linden’s probably the most deserving based on his playoff performances. 80 pts in 79 games (including the 94 run) in his first go around. He was also massively loved and did a lot of good work off the ice
    - Naslund’s the top scorer of the team, consistently one of the best in the league at his position for several years, and a captain. I think the resounding memory of Naslund though is how he would disapear in the playoffs. The 05 series against the Wild was his blown chance to change that

    None of these are entirely compelling. I’d argue that Linden is the only one who is deserving. Bure is unquestionably the most talented player they’ve ever had, and was the first superstar. Fans absolutely loved him. However, whether his problem was with the management he still turned his back on the franchise. I can’t abide someone who walked away having their number retired by that same club.

    • With a team like Vancouver, that has a pretty poor history performance-wise, there hasn’t been Hall of Famers to retire. We sucked for the first 20 years of our existence, pretty much…and then had some decent stretches in the 90′s before gradually growing to what the team is today.

      So I think the org/team/fans look at jersey retirements a little differently here. The guys who have had their jersey retired were players who contributed alot to the team, but also who made a big impact in the community. Linden in particular is so beloved in this province he could probably run for premier and get elected.

  4. Best Canuck of all time in terms of skill. Linden was a better leader and Naslund played longer, but nobody could skate like the Russian Rocket.

  5. This seems like a team trying to make up for their lack of winning cups in franchise history by retiring the number of a guy who was simply the most entertaining player on the teams that have a cult like following.

    For Bure, the team success wasn’t there, the longevity wasn’t worthy of retiring the jersey. I just don’t feel this makes sense because who else is worthy of jersey retirement for the Canucks as of today?

    The Sedins already surpassed each player they have retired. Hell, Kirk Mclean had as much of an impact on the mid 90s teams as anyone, but he would never get a jersey retired.

    • the team had plenty of success ( by canucks standards ) division crowns, trips to the finals.. one thing people often forget if Pavel Bure wasnt there in the 90′s, the canucks would have moved to seattle.. sounds like he did a lot of good for the community.. also as far as his talent goes.. another thing people either forget, or just pain dont know.. when Gretzky retired in 99, he said he would have stayed and played if the rangers were successful in their attempt to land pavel in a trade

      • also kirk McLean was like richard brodeur.. good goalie with a hot playoff run.. i’d be ok with retiring his number.. but luongo kinda messed that up for him

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