New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins

UPDATE: According to multiple reports, Del Zotto will not face a suspension by the league.



The Pittsburgh Penguins, who had dropped two in a row after a 15 game winning streak in March, got back in the win column last night against the New York Rangers, but it may have come with another long-term injury to one of their top players.

Since acquiring Jarome Iginla from the Flames, the Penguins lost captain Sidney Crosby for an indefinite period after taking a puck to the face last Saturday, and last night, late in the third period, lost James Neal, who was hit by a Michael Del Zotto elbow to the head.


The Penguins have not updated Neal’s condition, but we should hear more soon. Del Zotto will likely be hearing from the league on this one however.

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  1. Del Zotto wasn’t the only one throwing elbows – That whole game was elbows and forearm smashes to the head and neck, going in to the corners and along the boards, by both teams. I easily counted over a half dozen (Moore, Engelland, Zucarello, Murray, Morrow, Powe) in the second-period, alone.

    The officials *SAW* them, and turned away (or did a double-take) and did nothing. Is it any wonder that the timing and severity of the blows escalated? It was damned open-season on brain pans, fer pete’s sake.

    One can only begin to imagine the brutality (and its’ resultant attrition) that’s going to be overlooked in the upcoming playoffs. And folks wonder why a game spirals out of control; descending into a chippy, filthy, misconduct-filled circus?

    Just gotta shake your head at the lackadaisical and incapable officiating, and its’ complicity, in such instances.

  2. Scary when you see a player on the ice and first question is, “what happend?”

    Get better Neal

    Lets go pens…

  3. It seemed to me the Pens announcers were really playing up the victim card on this. Odd, since Neal was behind Del Zotto.

  4. Live by the sword, die by the sword

  5. Looked intentional to me but it really wasn’t that hard of a hit. The problem is todays hockey gear is designed to protect players more than it used to but really it’s knocking more players out of the game from what used to be simple hits.

    • Neal deserved this after his flying elbow on me last playoffs. Live by the elbow…

      • Wow!! If this is really even sean why would u say something about any player getting injured. Sean has more class than that. Hockey is hockey that’s why we all love it, but when ANYONE gets injured u wish them well. Even Del zotto if he meant it or not at least did the proff thing and wished him well. Classles comment not sean for sure!!

  6. …how can anyone see this as intentional? Neal was behind Del Zotto, and hit Del Zotto’s rear elbow. If he wanted to throw an elbow on that check, it would’ve been the left one.

    That said, if there was a guy to have some sense knocked into him in the form of an elbow, it’s Neal. That shift where he hurt Couturier and then took a 170 foot run at Giroux in game 3 showed me all I need to know about him.

    • Really? Cmon that’s how u seen it? Hav u ever played hockey? Obviosly not. He stuck his elbow out!! Looked over his shoulder seen neal, stuck his elbow up and knocked him out!!! That’s elbowing period…… By NHL and all hockey rules u are responsible for stick and body movement….Plain and simple ELBOWING!!! I am not a fan of either but its black and white. Sorry just my outlook. Blown call, stuff like that is dangerous!

  7. Biased person looking at this play. Del zotto skates down looks behind him and sticks his elbow out. No matter how u look at it, intentional or not. That is elbowing as far as NHL rules go. And Del Zotto is responsible for his stick and body movement. Blown call by Refs and Brendan shanahan. I’m sorry some wont like my view. But that’s my opinion and everyone has one. Right? Know pitt looses the second leading scorer in the NHL #1 AND #2. And Neal is not known as a dirty player. What a shame, sorry for your loss Pitt in Neal and Crosby and shame on the NHL……..hope they both return for playoffs

  8. Ok hows this. All u are pens or rangers fans. Plain and simple. U catch somebody wth a stick in the face while clearing the puck. Intentional or not its high sticking. You hit someone in the head wth an elbow intentional or not. Its elbowing. I guess I’m just shocked….Its simply black and white. His elbow should NEVER NEVER!!! BE AT NEALS HEAD LEVEL. Simply shocked.

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