Flames forward Mike Cammalleri couldn’t hold back the laughter after looking at a sign made by the Green Men in Vancouver last night.

The sign showed a retired Jarome Iginla #12 jersey beside Mario Lemieux.

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  1. Ummmmmmmm dont think he was laughing at the sign – he said something them then laughed

    The Green Men are idiots – people complain how a lot of other fas are stealing their act while the Green Men themselves stole it from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia


    • they’re not complaining about people stealing the idea of wearing morph suits, they’re complaining about people stealing their penalty box sign gimmick and their other gimmicks, which they did not steal from always sunny.

      • Funny havent seen anybody else using the INCREDIBLE “penalty box sign gimmick and their other gimmicks,” and, as your statement would imply, Im NOT talking about the Green Men themselves, just the people that actually think these guys are funny.

        Yeah let me press my groin against the glass – whats next… Fart jokes?

        • Canucks fans need something to cheer for! The last 42 years have been?
          Really-42 years and counting with no championship-just the expert advise!!

    • No, it’s sad that someone can be this uptight. They, themselves, aren’t claiming originality. They have a good time and get other fans excited. Get over yourself, Wil.

      • Uptight? OK maybe you enjoy seeing guys groins pressed up against the glass during hockey games but I myself would rather watch whats going on on the ice.

        Hardly anyone outside BC likes these two “mascots” (and I use that term loosely) so maybe youre the one who “Get over yourself” (and what THAT has to do with it I have no idea Einstein

        • nigga please.. groins against glass is what this country was founded upon

          • thank you for one tiny, bright spark in what is otherwise the most dismal display I’ve ever seen on this blog

  2. I went on a cruise once, and these dudes were on the cruise too… with they’re green man suites of course….

    • you sure it was them? alot of people have morph suits and I doubt these guys would cheapen their bit by doing this all over the place.

      • Ummm, the Green Men seem like pretty cool guys, but they’ve definitely been cashing in. They did a marketing spread for a local roofing company, and now they have some sort of ad campaign with Pepsi. And they wrote a book for some odd reason. So, it could be them, is what I’m saying…

  3. Honestly doesn’t look like he’s laughing at sign.

  4. Win your own stanley cup, vancouver. Then we’ll talk….

  5. Why the hell would seafood boy laugh at the sign?

    These dudes are growing old…

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