Tampa Bay Lightning v Washington Capitals

Ola! It’s me, JB, writing from theScore’s new Toronto offices. There’s like, San Pellegrino in the fridge and stuff. Swanky.

You’ll have to forgive the tinny sound, it’s only temporary. Our new, real studio thing is still undergoing some final sound-proofing touches. So today, from under the sea, we discussed:

* Alex “The Great 8 Again” Ovechkin

* Blackhawks clinch playoffs

* The Devils and Sens (and Hurricanes) slumps

* Brian Elliot’s return to shutoutville

* Skate cuts ew gross

* Dr. Randy Carlyle’s quote on the expanding, pumping muscle that is your brain

* And much more

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  1. Regarding the Coyotes sale there does appear to be more interest now then there was previously with 4 potential suitors, the 2 you mentioned as well as Pastor and Gosbee.

  2. There is a company that makes kevlar hockey socks as well as the “under sock” I can’t remember who they are but I think they were about $60 for the hockey sock. No reason why professional teams do not use these, other than Rebook not adapting this technology

  3. Got a little confused when Noon said “Brandon Saad, man!!!” because, you know, it sounded a lot like he said Brandon Sadman.

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