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Hey, remember when Matt Cooke stepped on the back of Erik Karlsson’s leg and his skate blade sliced Karlsson’s achilles? The defending Norris Trophy-winning defenseman was ruled out for the season because a skate cut his freaking achilles. Pretty cut-and-dried situation, unless you’re Eugene Melnyk, and you believe the cut happened intentionally so you’re hiring a forensic doctor to prove it.

Welp…the dude is back skating.

And here you have it:

This doesn’t mean he’s coming back, like, tomorrow, but it sure as shootin’ means he’s aiming at a return this season, not next, which is amazing news for the Senators and their fans.

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  1. Not that far fetched? Come on Craigers, the guys tendon was almost sawed in half by a skate. Most people would die from shock (I have no research to back this claim up), so it’s pretty ridiculous Karlsson is even skating at this point.

  2. This may or may not confirm my suspicion that Erik Karlsson is not a human being.

    Also as Sens fan I’m extremely excited by this news.

  3. WHAT?!

    No no no no no no no no no. He isn’t human.


    When I was seven, i thought the Sens logo was the coolest; naturally they were my favorite team.
    Good to see a good hockey player start the road back.

  5. So is Kreiger the Senators’ team doctor? Is Karlsson now Cyber Erik?

  6. Great for him. Hope he gets back soon.

    And the Sens owner is still an idiot. It’ll be interesting seeing how this “forensic doctor” is supposed to prove intent.

  7. I would love to see Karlsson back in time for the playoffs and a first round matchup with

  8. It is a good news. Erik Karlsson will play again. We missed him so much. Hope he will be more concern about his fitness. All the best.

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