Gunnarsson's all "Oh thas jus nasssty."

Gunnarsson’s all “Oh thas jus nasssty.”

Ola! Not the world’s longest podcast today, but I think there was some good stuff in there. We hit on:

* J.S. Giguere’s use of a flamethrower on his teammates

* Rick Nash and Phil Kessel and…Ryan O’Byrne? in Leafs/Rangers

* Jaromir Jagr is good, the Carolina Hurricanes…eeeyikes

* Corey Schneider…Vezina?

*Oilers need wins NOW

* And more

You can listen to it here:


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  1. We have to know if the “solid Goldsbie” pun was intended. Our judgement hangs in the balance.

    • I don`t remember what this was referring to but I hope it was on purpose. Unless I said it. In which case it was definitely on purpose.

      • You said it. You disagreed with something Noon said and just went “nah” and that was it. To which Noon and Bourne laughed at your lack of a reason, and you said “another solid Goldsbie argument!” while winking through the microphone and it was gross.

  2. Oh yes, good on Anaheim for booing Schultz…except it was Nick Schultz half the time.

  3. this needs more cat pics please.

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