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I assume that if you’re the type who reads hockey blogs, you’ve also given Twitter a go. If you haven’t, get your s**t together and do it.

Don Cherry has, and while he’s still a sharp as he ever was, he’s definitely launched himself head-first into full old-guy-on-porch-in-a-rocking-chair-with-a-shotgun mode. Here’s what Don’s tweeting about today.

It may not be his rant about bees in a shed, or his one about answering machines, but it’s pretty close. Poor Don. Always gittin’ himself in trubble.

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  1. The only thing I don’t like about some of your editorials, is that some of you spend so much time knocking other media outlets, especially CBC. I know you’re trying to prove your superiority of knowledge over these people, and probably because those people you knock do a lot less than you and make way more than you, but to any reader that actually reads your articles and whatnot, we know that your arguments and opinions hold a lot more weight, and we already know some of these guys are past their prime or in some cases, downright ridiculous. So don’t you think you should stick to adding to your credibility instead of wasting your time pointing out the obvious?

  2. I guess to put it simply, I, and many others follow you because we don’t want to hear what Don Cherry is doing or what he has to say. Yet you bring him up weekly!

    • Huh, that was an unexpected response. If you’re picking up some kind of seething resentment of mainstream media based on a post recapping Don Cherry’s raccoon story, I suspect you might be projecting.

      Bourne seems like a pretty happy-go-lucky guy to me who gets a kick out of tweeting pictures of his cats and working Simpsons references in to his posts. If there’s a Ned Flanders style rage growing under there I haven’t noticed it in years of reading.

      • Appreciate that response, given that the above one is surprising. I’ve never, ever, once ripped on Don Cherry, a man I admire. I’ve poked wink-wink fun at some of his more out-there points, but never made fun of him.

        Hunch: that’s a comment by someone who reads the site but not bylines. Plenty of our contributors take issues with Don, and I’m not going to tell them what to think, so I run their opinions as they are.

    • I was actually surprised with the lack of scathing comments about the Well Dressed Xenophobe.

      It’s part of the task of the new media to point out the short comings of the MSM even if just to set the stories straight. This wasn’t even that though. It was just relaying a funny story that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Don’t see your issue with it.

  3. Step 1: Read post title carefully. Identify “Don Cherry” in title.

    Step 2: Scroll down to next post.

    Problem solved!

  4. Don Cherry is the Abe Simpson of twitter. Let’s give him credit for at least posting stuff and being authentic. Have any of you checked out Bob Mccown’s account…

    Anyways follow @DonCherryParody….aka the real don cherry

  5. Did Don mention if he had an onion on his belt?


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