fleury stained glass

Full credit to Ashley Miller, who says it took her a month to complete this amazing piece of Marc-Andre Fleury-based stained glass art.


Sick glove save from this cat:

Better glove than James Reimer, AMIRITE?

(No? Oh.)


And finally…

From Reddit Hockey user “MrNapGeo,” an old, excellent .GIF:

Good lord. Dude could’ve died!

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(S/ts to @clarinetgirl36 and @StubitsCBS)

Comments (9)

  1. The ref with the tackle was Ron Assletine – huge guy. It was a Saturday afternoon game at the old GAHDEN

  2. I remember seeing that clip on old blooper videos. Even as a kid I thought that one was a little much for a blooper. He freaking TRUCKED that guy

  3. That stained glass is awesome.

  4. Never occurred to me until now that stained glass would be the most fun shooter tutor ever.

  5. someone needs to make a shanaban video for that hit.

  6. Those are precisely the kind of hits they’re trying to eliminate from the game.

    If that was 2013 he’d simply get tased.

  7. I keep saying it – Cats have Hockey in their DNA. Just gotta get ‘em in a pair of blades (slim chance of that.) It’s universal awesomeness, just waiting to happen.

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