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Howdy y’all! The Backhand Shelf Trade Deadline Drinking Game video, featuring our two brave friends Archi Zuber and Kyle Smith, is up and ready to watch.

We hope you enjoy – we know we did:

Shout out to John Noon for the great editing.

Comments (23)

  1. Duthie the best

  2. I love Archi Zuber.

  3. Zuber’s hat went on one hell of an adventure

  4. The doofus in the suit jacket at 4:45 in the video is none other than Pension Plan Puppets’ PPP.

  5. Great editing by John Noon to pick the right content that allows me to keep my job

  6. I appreciate Kyle’s stare down of the camera when he has to drink the re-tweet jug.

  7. I’m so proud of you boys.

  8. Is that the guy from Degrassi? Jake? Huge Reel Big Fish fan? Not a creep, pretty sure I used to see him at shows all the time! If not, he should be.

  9. needed more guest appearances

  10. I can’t believe I was actually able to eat a doughnut by the end.

  11. Fuck that guy in the Habs hoodie. Go Leafs Go.

  12. do people really find archi zuber funny?

  13. Jake is shorter than I had imagined from the podcasts.

    Warm beer? Did nobody think to bring a cooler?

  14. Awesome stuff by Noon and the boys involved. And wait…people *don’t* find Archi Zuber funny?

  15. Totally missed the PPP sighting the first time.

    & Jake’s eyes are kind of dreamy. Just me? Okay.

  16. Why do I get the feeling what ended up on the cutting room floor would make a hell of an “unofficial release”??

  17. Fantastic. Sometimes you just have to lie on the floor.

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