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And I know, the “who’s taller?” debate just won’t seem to go away with these two. Well, that image above was shared by Sauce Hockey this morning, and I kinda love it. Mostly I love how amused the fans are by the two lining up for the draw.

Zdeno Chara is a full 6’9″ (tallest player in the NHL), while diminutive Sabres’ forward Nathan Gerbe is just a lil’ guy, at 5’5″ (shortest player in the NHL).

We should note, of course, that this is nothing new to Gerbe. His teammate, John Scott, is fairly sizable human as well, at 6’8″. Buddy comedy writers are lining up around the block.

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Battle for position!

Battle for position!

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  1. aah to be short.. I’m 5’5″ as well and I know just how it feels to be around taller people. It’s really annoying -__-

  2. I prefer the term, “closer to the ground”.

  3. Chara is literally a breath-taking human being. I’ve seen him up close during pregame warm-ups; I can’t imagine what it’s like playing against him.

  4. I SO wanted my team to trade for Gerbe. Anyone that small who can make “the show” has to have some unbelievable grit and determination.

  5. The LP’s like to be known as “having a lower center of gravity” so when you run into them it’s like running into a Fire Hydrant.. Bourne didn’t you ever run into Robbie Bina while playing in the WCHA?

  6. Also, . It’s the most popular picture on my Flickr by far.

  7. Gerbe isn’t short, he’s just vertically challenged…

  8. Look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up Rusty!

  9. Good timing:)
    My latest blog post used the “David versus Goliath” line as a hockey analogy:
    Seattle versus Kelowna Was A Modern Day David versus Goliath
    I am, of course, a BIG Sabres fan!

  10. I believe the politically correct term nowadays is “Vertically Challenged” we don’t wanna hurt their feelings now do we?

  11. dude’s quads are at least 5’5″ around, judging by those locker-room pics.

  12. Was at a Lightning/Bruins game a few years back, a Martin St Louis / Zdeno Chara line-up looks very similar (if you believe the 5’8″ height Tampa lists him at then I’ve got a bridge to sell you, no way he’s more than 5’6″)…

  13. The fact that he wears Rudy’s number is the clincher.

    (We got a pair of kids at the ACC to chant “RUDY! RUDY!” at him non-stop during a preseason game once. Yes, we were bored.

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