Toe, toe toe your...shot. What are the odds this missed high? 80%?

Toe, toe, toe your…shot. What are the odds this missed high? 80%?

It’s Friday at last, which means the podcast includes all the Scott Lewis you can handle. We discussed:

* The Islanders beat the Bruins in Boston

* Milan Lucic has 5 goals in 40 games

* Capitals keep onnnnn winnin’

* Is Jordan Staal not much of an ugrade on Brandon Sutter?

* Montreal clinches

* Sabres have a meeting

* And so much more.

You can listen to it here:


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  1. Elliott

    two T’s


  2. Wasn’t the Orpik shot deflected of an Islander stick or shinpad?

    52 seconds in

  3. C’mon boys.. I know you guys drink at work but wait until after the podcast..

    Brooks Orpiks shot was headed for the net and Brad Boyes deflected it into Crosby’s jaw. Cut the guy some slack..

    Also not a single player in the NHL wears any plastic capping on their shoulder or elbow pads. That was outlawed years ago. Alot of guys cut the old hard caps off and sewed new soft shoulder pads onto their old chest piece.

    Love the podcast but some of the info you guys give is kinda..wrong. (Like you guys said Letang didn’t play last night and he did..even had an assist.)

  4. I was surprised there wasn’t a mention about Hamonic’s season looking like it was going to be over, to him being back on the ice in about 5 minutes when talking about the Isles-Boston game.

  5. Since it won’t let me reply directly to Bournes post (Thanks!) I’ll do it this way…

    1. Look at the video guys. Oprik is a left hand shot from the point. His shot literally would have to bend outwards to hit Crosby in the mouth. It hit Boyes.

    2. There is no ‘hard plastic’ on the shoulder and elbow pads anymore. Go into any NHL locker room, you will find none. It was outlawed a few years ago (2009?) and replaced with ‘soft padding’ on shoulder caps and elbow pads. Warrior and Eagle were the first two companies to offer soft shoulder pads so equipment managers around the league modified all the shoulder pieces with these.

    See those old Jofa pads on Richards? Those used to have hard plastic on them until the NHL outlawed them. NoW it’s softer padding.

    3: Noon clearly says ”without Crosby, Neal, Martin and LETANG”..tape doesn’t lie.

    You didn’t have to be mad about it.

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