It has to be hard to call a Panthers game these days. Florida is dead last in the NHL, and last night they were also down 7-2 to the Winnipeg Jets so hey…things are bound to go off the rails.

The go over four minutes of actual game play with out addressing the game being played. It’s excellent. Instead, they focused on Winnipeg Fun Facts, such as:

* It’s the slurpee capital of the world (400,000 a month, apparently)

Based on actual volume? Say, Los Angeles doesn’t drink more? Dallas? Miami? New York? Chicago?

* It’s the coldest North American city over 600,000 people

A true honour.

* It’s the first place to use crash test dummies

The band?


(Stick-tap to Paul Brothers)

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  1. I spent a year in Winnipeg one winter…

    Ba dump dump

    Hey when yur team is gettin hammered 7 – 2 why NOT talk about Slurpees

  2. And the crowd is doing the wave…

  3. This is THE best

  4. Not sure which is more embarrassing, Florida announcers giving up on talking about the game or Jets fans doing the wave.

    • How is that wave not awesome? Not exactly a tight game and lots of energy in the crowd. We don’t like to just sit on our hands here.

      • The wave is terrible. People need to stop doing it. Or keep doing it but have everyone make fun of you.

        • I hate the wave! Just watch the damn hockey game. Lets just get rid of choreographed and fake enthusiasm. We should take notice though, as I have not seen an NHL wave in a while. That could have been the last wave ever!

  5. Winterpeg is the worst.

  6. The Panthers could save money, fire the announcers and just play the Backhand Shelf Podcast. Just as entertaining and (slightly) more talk about hockey!

  7. Well, it’s better than listening to Doc Emrick and Pierre McGuire suck Crosby’s and the Penguins’ dicks for an entire game.

    • I agree if that was a nationally televised game (hahaha things never said when the Jets&Panthers play) Doc & Pierre would be talking about some star, or about “E” hosting Tavares future Cup Party…

      One thing I will admit is that I grew up, and spent 23 years about 45 minutes south of da’Peg, and that town went crazy when Toews brought the Cup back there, they were giving out FREE SLURPEES!

  8. The Peg brings back great memories. We used to go up shopping and I got my first pair of “Tacks” skates there, kangeroo leather and all. We loved going to Eatons cuz they had escalators! No such thing in Northern ND and MN, so we would be your worst nightmare, riding them up and down, backwards, etc!

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