Last night the Montreal Canadiens clinched a playoff spot by beating the Buffalo Sabres 5-1 but who cares because Steve Ott licked Jeff Halpern’s visor at a face-off. Let’s focus on what really matters here.

Not really sure what to do with this, so I’m just going to present it and get out of the way. It happened. I suppose maybe it was some agitator-y attempt at being annoying? I dunno. I’ll slowly back out of the room now.

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  1. How about this clip, from Ravenous starring the fantastic Robert Carlyle:

  2. OT, but the guy licking the glass in the Super Troopers clip is married to Christina Hendricks… WAIT what how????

    • Watch the clip again, understand what the man is doing, and with what part of his body he’s doing it, and understanding will flow on how the man is married to that particular lady.

  3. Ya weird, I had no idea Jeff Halpern was still in the NHL

  4. He’s simply filling the niche vacated by the recent retirement of Sean Avery.

  5. wow JB way to take something onrait and o’toole said on sportscentre last night and put it on here….. real original bro

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