This blocked shot by Tampa Bay Lightning forward Nate Thompson on Washington Capitals’ defenceman Mike Green is probably the best advertisement for visors of all time.

Don’t think that visors should be mandatory? Check out this picture of what’s left of Thompson’s and think about what his face would look like without it.


Scary stuff.

*UPDATE* Here’s the shot in video form.

Stick tap to @CorkGaines for the GIF and Brian Breseman for the photo.

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  1. Thompson was very, very fortunate. That’s the kind of shot that ends a career. The visor saved his right eye – FOR SURE.

  2. “Don’t think visors should be mandatory?” You ask, as if anyone thinks they don’t prevent injuries, and as if the point of the debate is about anything other than choice and who gets to make it. some of you writers are absolutely insufferable

    • Not disagreeing – It’s about choice. But, it’s also about “sensible choices”.

      If I were an owner, a general manager, a coach, I’d try to instill an organizational sense of responsibility to safeguard the team’s investment in a player, and ALL players’ longevity and prosperity – Make it a part of the “culture” so to speak.

      It ceased being “cool” to eschew visors and Teflon cut-guards and slip-on boot-protectors at least a few seasons ago.

      The consequences of ignoring the available technology (especially when there are manufacturers willing to re-design their product, based on high-end user-input) can be tragic.

      Way to end a career; because of some kind of stubborn hubris or a head-in-the-sand mentality. It’s, quite simply, an unnecessary risk. An avoidable risk.

  3. Visor? Heck, I’m keeping my cage on my helmet.

  4. I don’t think the players who choose not to wear visors are being stubborn. It’s more about visibility and comfort. They’re big boys and deserve the right to choose their own safety equipment.

  5. The best part is that the commentators saw him without a shield after being hit, and launched into the debate saying “that’s why you should wear a shield”. They didn’t realize at the time that he WAS wearing a shield

  6. Earlier this year Caps player Mathieu Perrault broke his visor for like the third time in his career. Right after that, he switched from Bauer to an Oakley visor claiming he had never heard of them breaking as opposed to the Bauers which seem to have that problem. The one above – A Bauer. I don’t work for Oakley or anything, but my first thought when I saw it shatter, was I bet it was a Bauer.

  7. What kind of idiot slap shot was that by Mike Green? Everyone knows to keep shots low from the point for tip-ins and to protect your own players in front of the net. If you look at the clip and watch the trajectory of the puck, it’s quite possible that his shot would have gone over the glass had it been untouched. IDIOT move.

    • Plus one million. Looks almost intentional. That puck was going nowhere near the net at that angle.

      • Yes, he intentionally shot it at a guys face as opposed to at the net. That’s a completely reasonable assessment. Not idiotic at all.

        • You’re right, it’s not an idiotic assessment, because players have done similar things in the past, and Mike Green generally comes off as a dick. Also, he’s one of the most highly-skilled defensemen in the league, and the alleged “puck bounce” that people are citing is actually a barely noticeable wobble. I’m glad you agree.

          I’m not going to call a police detective to try to establish intent here, but this is at the very least, like Jamie says, an idiot slap shot.

          • Well we have an earlier leader for “Stupidest Thing I Will Read Today”

          • I just flatly disagree. Whether or not you think Mike Green is a dick is irrelevant. What’s the more likely scenario here: Mike Green is a dick and decided to shoot a slapshot at Nate Thompson’s face in hopes of injuring a player on a team out of the playoff race, just for shits and giggles?

            OR, Mike Green, who has a hell of a hard shot (ask Patrick Thoresen) and quarterbacks the point on the current #1 powerplay, hit a hard slapshot, attempting to score on a 4 minute powerplay, and it unfortunately hit Nate Thompson in the face, probably because the VC ice is kind of crap and pucks bounce around all the time?

            I mean, seriously. Way to jump to conclusions.

        • And seriously, you think shooters never try to “punish” shot blockers here and there?

          • Nope. And that’s not what I said. I simply compared two situations and asked which one is more likely– and the one where this was just an accident is much likelier than the one you’re presenting.

            “The player did this because he’s just a dick!” is simply silly.

        • Yes, RC. I also like to simply call things stupid when I wish to appear smart. Works every time.

    • If you watch the video carefully, the puck bounces just as he’s about to shoot it, which changes where his intent was.

  8. wonder if visors would be mandatory if a piece of the broken shield got stuck in his eye…

  9. “They’re big boys and deserve the right to choose their own safety equipment.”

    Same for lumberjacks working with chainsaws, near crashing piecees of lumber weighig a couple hundred kilos.
    Same for builders working on a building site, with cranes, and concrete slabs and metal bars and stuff falling from heights.
    Same for soldiers in a warzone with boobytraps and mines and grenades an guns and bullets and people in command.
    Same for firefighters in a fire with you know, fire and pieces of building falling down and chemicals and explosions and did I mention freaking fire?.

    Oh wait, all their gear is MANDATORY!

    • And? NHL players operate under a CBA, just like the majority of the workers you reference above, and have routinely resisted the implementation of this particular piece of safety equipment, unlike those you reference above.

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