2012 NHL Entry Draft - Round One

And boom goes the dynamite.

And finally it’s come to this. The Edmonton Oilers have seen enough, and given Steve Tambellini his walking papers. I’m not confused about the move – I mean, the team simply has failed in every conceivable direction despite stockpiling young talent via failure – but I am confused about the timing. The season ends in like 13 days. This couldn’t have waited and been tidied up down the road?

Maybe the Oil were waiting until they were clearly not going to make playoffs to avoid being a distraction. I dunno. Whatever the case, Tambellini’s out, and the new guy (sound like Mac T) is walking into a pretty sweet deal. This team looks like it’s just about ready to turn the corner. As a wise man once said…

“Sometimes you do the hard work and set the table and somebody else eats the meal.” – Brian Burke

Looks like a pretty decent spread over there in Edmonton.

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  1. Tambellini needed to go, no question there. But for Christs sake bring in some new blood. Lowe, MacT and Howson reunited. Didn’t go we’ll the first time around, why would this be any different.

  2. wow that didn’t take long… I guess they read/agree with the Edmonton Sun lol

  3. They replace Tambellini with MacTavish and bring in Howson? Hockey, more than any other sport is, is a big game of musical chairs at the coach / management levels. Howson did a horrendous job in Columbus and besides Milbury, may be on one of the worst GM’s in recent memory. Is MacTavish really the best option out there or did he win a random draw against the likes of Pat Quinn, Mike Keenan and Cliff Fletcher.

  4. Tambellini’s down fall was putting a rag tag defense out there every night for the last 3 years. On any other team there players are 5th or 6th d-men, with exception to justin schultz but hes only 22.

  5. The old boys club keeps on riding in Deadmonton. They just cannot figure out that it is the main thing holding them back for ohhhh…a couple decades now.

  6. What a joke. You have a highly motivated Brian Burke that’s available, a guy with a fairly decent track record and a cup ring to show for it, yet you opt to recycle an old player and coach and hand the reigns to MacT??? I’m a diehard Oilers fan, always have been, always will be, but I’ll be the first to admit that we are now the worst run organization in the NHL.

  7. maybe would of been wise to trade one there top talent forwards for a top notch defenceman.

  8. I know Burkey sounds great but you guys are forgetting that Lowe and Burke wanted to rent a barn out and thump each others heads in . It would only happen if Lowe was bounced out of town , which I would love to see.

  9. I’d like to contribute to this discussion, but I can’t stop laughing long enough to type. Except that sentence. And that one too.

  10. really Mac T not renewing my season tickets r the words my dad said when he woke up this morning.to hire some1 who as a coach did shit they hire him as gm lol .OILERS you sux

  11. When are we just going to admit the draft picks just aren’t as good as Oilers fans want to admit and stop flogging management?

    They are dead last in even strength puck possession this season. If the young forwards were as good as advertised, how could they not even come in at 25th?

    Dead last. That says the young talent does not have as much talent as you think.

  12. lol forgot to mention they also hired scott howson.If um a young player on the oilers team um not resigning in Edmonton.this is gunna b the place were shity players come to die……like
    ryan smyth

  13. lets hire all of or friends. this team is, like it was’nt alredy a JOKE.

  14. i bet you that even an AHL team could beat the oilers

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