2012 NHL Entry Draft - Round One

And boom goes the dynamite.

And finally it’s come to this. The Edmonton Oilers have seen enough, and given Steve Tambellini his walking papers. I’m not confused about the move – I mean, the team simply has failed in every conceivable direction despite stockpiling young talent via failure – but I am confused about the timing. The season ends in like 13 days. This couldn’t have waited and been tidied up down the road?

Maybe the Oil were waiting until they were clearly not going to make playoffs to avoid being a distraction. I dunno. Whatever the case, Tambellini’s out, and the new guy (sound like Mac T) is walking into a pretty sweet deal. This team looks like it’s just about ready to turn the corner. As a wise man once said…

“Sometimes you do the hard work and set the table and somebody else eats the meal.” – Brian Burke

Looks like a pretty decent spread over there in Edmonton.