Ovy took over the lead in the race for the Rocket Richard Trophy this weekend. He's one up on Steven Stamkos, sitting at 27.

Ovy took over the lead in the race for the Rocket Richard Trophy this weekend. He’s one up on Steven Stamkos, sitting at 27.

Good morning! “What’d I Miss?” is a feature that will run after weekends for those people who used their weekend like, doin’ stuff instead of constantly watching hockey. Doin’ stuff is the worst. Stick-tap to Pro Hockey Talk, a major source for this.


I miss Billy Smith

Craig Anderson is back in action these days, and posted a shutout on the weekend. He also threw an ’80s style butt-end to Adam Henrique’s jaw that I just adored, which was all part of one of my favourite cheapshot-a-thons in awhile.

Enjoy the call too. “Oh! Hey! You can’t do that!”

Hockey is excellent.

No offense to Henrique, by the way, I just happen to like a feisty goalie.

Ottawa’s now won two in a row including that 2-0 shutout of the Devils (who have not won two in a row. In fact, they have a single win in their last 10 games), and sit a single point up (with a game in hand) of the New York Islanders.

Don’t worry, Devils fans, Brodeur has the slump-breaking solution:

“I’ve changed all my watches every game, all little things like that, that I believe for my own doing. Last year was great. Every time my daughter was home, she would pick my tie to go to the game. So, the other day she was home after school, so I go, ‘Listen. You go pick my tie now.’ I think, personally, everybody’s tried something in their own way of preparing. I’ve changed things and I’m sure guys have done that just to try to mix it up and see.

Sooo that’s where they’re at.


Sidney Crosby’s situation still makes me wince

cros jaw

He’s back skating, but…

The cool part about that jaw protector is that you basically can’t see through the thick plastic, so it’s way harder to play. Wait, that’s not cool at all is it.


Brian Elliot finally gave up a goal

He went three full games - 215 minutes and 56 seconds, all told – without giving up a goal. It was Bryan Bickell who finally beat him.


Being good at hockey has its upsides

kuc tweet

How about this dude’s weekend. Wins the Hobey Baker, hand-picks his team, signs a one-year deal with the Hawks. Nah bad.


Richard Clune improved his punch Corsi



Lumbus, you guys



Video title:  Jonathan Ericsson gets kicked in the nuts by Patrick Kane

Would you like me to explain the contents of the video to you? You’re good? Okay cool.


Steve Tambellini got fired

But you already knew that.


The Preds are looking to get their new Forsberg in the lineup

Nashville got prospect Filip Forsberg from Washington in the Martin Erat trade, and given that this season hasn’t gone all that great for them, they might as well see what the kid can do.

I got to play a few ECHL games after my last college season, and it made going into the next year way easier for me, just given that I had some idea what to expect. Soooo, I support this move, is what I’m saying.

From PHT:

“If everything is all good then I will put him in the lineup tomorrow. David (Poile) has talked to him, and he’s on his way. He has been skating. If he feels comfortable, and we’ll have a morning skate, I’ll put him in the lineup tomorrow.”


Visor > no visor

Oh man, Nate Thompson would’ve had his life shattered if it weren’t for his tiny plastic shield, which exploded and cut him pretty good after taking a puck to the face:

Check out his visor:



Thomas Vanek is still a-okay at hockey

Remember when he had All The Points at the start of year? Well, he’s regressed back to just having some of them (34 points in 33 games). Still, this dish to Ennis pretty ridiculous.

The Sabres are, somehow, a mere four points out of playoffs. But with only five games left on their schedule, I think it’s safe to stick a fork in ‘em.


A human made the conscious choice to fight Zdeno Chara

Chara didn’t land anything too vicious, but I kind of get the impression guys fight him for the same reason some people go skydiving. Just to say they did it, maybe confront a fear, get a rush.


And finally, here’s a preeeeetty decent save by Justin Peters on Jaromir Jagr