ekman burrish

The commentator called the above pose a “downward-facing desert dog,” and to someone with a limited knowledge of yoga (me), I accept his proposal.

Adam Burish blocks the attempted shot of Oliver Ekman-Larsson, who then seems to carry on to give Burish a little extra somethin’-somethin’, then…I dunno, gets tangled in a web of confusion, I guess. And here’s what you end up with:

Full video below:

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  1. HAHAHA I can’t stop laughing at this. Burish holds him up for a good 10 seconds. The leg kicks at the end are hilarious!

  2. Seeing it again this morning doesn’t help explain what this is. But it is damn hilarious.

  3. Maybe a prelude to coming out? I mean, it is in the news these days.

    Sorry, channeling my inner Jeselnik this morning.

  4. Seriously though, the ref kills me. He’s just standing there like me watching a couple of my kids fight over the Scooby Doo pillow before we start movie night.

    “C’mon guys knock it off. I mean it, let him down. Don’t make me come over there. You know, I work all day and this is what I come home to.”

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