Washington Capitals v New York Islanders

Special day on the podcast today, as we had my dad in the booth to talk all things NHL. Truly a lot of fun. We discussed:

* The introduction of five additional outdoor games

* The Islanders and Rangers (with some context from someone who’s lived it)

* The Isles move to Brooklyn

* The Canucks and Blues game

* Love for Schneider/Luongo

* The Capitals, Adam Oates and Alex Ovechkin

* And much more

You can listen to it here:


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  1. Great Pod. More pod’s with dad’s who have won 4 cups please. dads-in-law is acceptable too

  2. I don’t know if they’re necessarily going for 6 “Winter Classics.” I feel like we’ll have the one Winter Classic and then some outdoor games that are more for the local fans and the diehards. Since the Winter Classic comes first, the anticipaton and promotion will be highest for that one. I wouldn’t expect the intrigue or the ratings to be as good for the others, but it will stil be cool for those fans to get to experience them.

    • I agree. And they aren’t saying that is going to be an every year kinda thing, this could just be a one time only. I’m pretty excited about it as an idea even though there won’t be a game in my town. I may make the drive to see Kings/Ducks though despite not being a fan of either team.

  3. what is the song in your intro?

  4. I suggest a straight up trade of Bournes; Justin for Bob. Maybe throw in Jake to make it more even. And Noon.

    And Ryan.

    I basically want a Bob Bourne show.

    • I agree completely. I am tired of reading JB’s piss poor attempts at sports punditry. Week after week he is constantly spewing out bullshit and enough grammatical errors to awaken HP Lovecraft from the dead and give him hemorrhoids.

  5. More Bob Bourne!
    He was an awesome guest and I fully endorse his presence in the future.

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