Pittsburgh Penguins v Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins paid tribute to the city of Boston before today’s game at TD Garden.

Boston wore first responder hats during pregame warmups, while the Pens are wearing special patches on their jerseys today.


Via Bruins Instagram

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  1. And you can buy them all for the low low price of $90 a shirt $70 a hat I bet!

  2. Hope nobody touches Jagr and hurts Rick feelings.

    • Body check Jagr all night but blindside clipping him 2 feet from the boards is super cheap. It’s cheap against any player it just left a worse taste in our mouths because of who the target happened to be. Honestly that sort of hit should be removed from the game regardless. If Jagr had been injured, there would have been a suspension handed out.

  3. I agree that some plays should be out of the game, no matter who is the victim.

    Some players should get more respect, smaller skilled players, grey beards especially Hall of Famers, goalies. Like you said it doesn’t mean you don’t hit them ( in the case of goalies yes you shouldn’t hit them ) , but there should be a tendency to remain within the rules.

    That being said some teams don’t live by those rules and shouldn’t expect other teams to live by them.

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