Toronto Maple Leafs v New Jersey Devils

Devils forward Stephen Gionta was involved in a crazy play today in the game between New Jersey and Florida.

Panthers defenseman Dmitry Kulikov nailed Gionta into the Panthers bench with a big hit, but what happens next is really quite something. Gionta gets up pretty quick, and as he’s trying to get back on the ice, gets pushed by Florida defenseman T.J. Brennan.

Pretty cheap if you ask me.

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  1. At least the Panthers got what they deserved. An ass whooping.

  2. Incredibly cheap. This is some of the crap that holds the NHL back from attracting the sort of numbers the other big 3 sports in America attract. The Sabres taking cheap shots at Jagr the other day is another example. It’s pathetic.

    • I would argue that the lockout bull crap did more damage than a little shove.

    • Bit of an overreaction? Like there’s no cheap stuff in the other major sports. It was mean, yeah, but it was kinda funny too

    • Yeah, no. Hockey’s best when it’s a little dirty. I think this was a cheap shot, but it’s entertaining and it’s not the reason hockey’s ‘struggling’.

  3. yeah that’s definitely a dick move

  4. Oh shit, that’s cheap. What a douche

  5. give him a fine for getting involved in a play while on the bench. that was cheap !!

  6. Would that is a suspend-able play or just a fine?

  7. Karma will come back to place a big ass whoopin for T.J. maybe he will look back at this incident, maybe he won’t recongnize the truck that hits him.

  8. I’m sorry but that was easily the best play of the season. I watched it saturday and was hoping to god the BHS crew would do their gif thing with it.

  9. That was one of the cheapest things I’ve seen in recent times. As Ryan Miller would say ‘gutless’

  10. what a bunch of NINNYS…thats what the sports needs MORE OF..LOL That was legendary…” what, I was just trying to help him” Some fun…remember that? I was so STOKED after I saw that..LOL It made my day…who cares, they are already OUT of the playoffs… GREAT STUFF…we need MORE of it…also,IF the national network is going to TORTURE us with these little arena cam interviews…(which you know they HATE doing) AT LEAST let the guys wear something they actually might wear in REAL LIFE..Instead of making them wear all the TEAM clothes for marketing..SO BORING…they all look the same. Where is Alfonse Iafrate when we need em? lol The guy used to smoke before games outside the locker room…LOL

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