New Jersey Devils v New York Rangers

Three Stars Monday, y’all.

Our good friend Scott Lewis finishes his tenure with us as Bourne returns tomorrow, likely peeling from a horrifying sunburn. Or so we assume. We had a fun show today to start the final week of the NHL season (which is crazy).

We discussed:

* The Devils & Oilers being eliminated from playoff contention

* The Minnesota Wild struggling to hold on

* Jack Edwards saying things he probably shouldn’t

* Nathan Horton being an idiot

* Matt Cooke’s rehabilitation

* The Rangers getting hot

* The rules of playoff beards

* The Leafs clinching (deal with it)

* And more stuff


You can listen to it here:

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  1. Keith Yandle just didn’t wear the Martin Richard on his jersey. After the game he had all the Coyotes and Blackhawk players autograph it, it is then being auctioned off for a charity to support the Boston victims, according to Hockey Unfiltered.

  2. FWIW, Cooke was nominated for the Masterton last year. This year its Crosby

  3. Hey guys, I was just listening to you guys talk about what the Devils should do next. I think it is important to note and it’s not overly talked about that much, but they have to forfeit their first round pick either this year or next because of the Kovy deal. It probably won’t be this years because they have a shot at such a high pick. Not sure why they didn’t forfeit last years 1st.

  4. All the goal differential proves is that there’s a lot of shitty teams in the East that the playoff teams are beating up on.

    But the Kings, Sharks, and Blues are all much better than the mid-range equivalents in the East. The second round series in the East are probably going to be horrible; the second round in the West is going to be EPIC.

  5. When talking about the fact that the Rangers are 8-2-1 over there last 11 you have to add that out of the teams they played during the run only TOR (1-1 Split), PIT (1-1 Split) and NYI are in the playoffs.

    They ran up the losses against good teams and went on a tear when they got to the bad ones.

  6. Hey there,
    I’ve been a regular listener for a while and I generally enjoy your discussions, but* Goldsbie’s comment that Pacioretty won the Masterton Award for throwing himself into a stanchion is insensitive, counterfactual, and silly. If he believes that statement, he must believe that Chara’s hit on Pacioretty went something like this:

    I hate to re-open a vexed debate about the Chara incident, but if you’re going to insist on inflammatory statements about Pacioretty being rewarded for his stupidity in breaking his own neck, then you should expect criticism.

    *as you could probably have intuited from my use of the world ‘generally’ followed by ‘but’, this is leaning towards a criticism.

    • “I hate to re-open a vexed debate” And yet you did anyways. Amazing.. a habs fan who just cannot let go.. and in other news, water is wet.

      • Sure, Pep, “water is wet”, but I didn’t bring the issue up again by saying that Pacioretty was rewarded for breaking his own neck, which would be a ridiculous thing to say about any player who wins a Masterton coming back from a career-threatening injury.

        Would anyone say that Gary Roberts broke his own neck in a car accident and imply that he doesn’t deserve his Masteron? Or that Erik Cole broke his own neck?

        Look, the Masterton award isn’t like the Conn Smythe or the Hart where the debate has to do with performance more than context, but to take shots at someone for getting hurt is a little low- or do you disagree?

        • It was a joke. I make them sometimes. I don’t believe that Pacioretty doesn’t deserve the Masterton, you can tell that I don’t think that because that’s not what I said. I also didn’t say he threw himself into the stanchion, I said he got beat up by a stanchion. If you took it that I was saying he was being rewarded for his own stupidity you were either looking for something to find fault in or misheard.

          • You said that he won his award for getting beaten up by an inanimate object- which ridicules the award. Perhaps you were joking. I get that- like I said, I listen to the podcast regularly, sarcasm is part of it, and part of why I enjoy it- but can you imagine anyone making light about other NHLers that have suffered neck injuries? And if it was a joke, do you believe that it was blatantly obvious that the rink and Pacioretty had much less to do with it than Chara?

            It would be better if no one had to win the Masterton, but watching games and seeing players appear to die on the ice sucks. Where’s the humour in that?

        • The fuck cares bro?No one gives a shit about that scrubs broken neck.
          You want to play the extreme side of being a pussy, il play the extreme side of a ol’ timey fan.
          Your little midget team wants to run around diving all over the place, you better bring more then one stretcher to Boston next time.
          If Max wanted to quit the game like the Habs so often do, he could of just stopped playing like the rest of his team mates.
          He didnt have to DIVE headfirst into the turnbuckle and embellish so much. I mean We all know the Habs embellish, but selling that injury for that long was classless.
          Hope Chara finishes the job next time.

          Yin meet Yang
          Now stop being a bitch.

          • A pleasure to meet you, Yang, but you must have me confused for someone else. If Yin is your brother and he’s lost, I’m afraid I have no idea where he is.

            Anyway, Yang, maybe you’re onto something there with the Chara finishing the job thing… Murder can certainly deter divers and should be instituted immediately. Let’s start with Brad Marchand. Can we agree on this, Yang?

            As for bitching, you’re right, Yang. I should leave that to the professionals, namely the Bruins front office, coaching staff, and players. I was wrong to step on their territory. My apologies, Yang, I should have remembered their monopoly on public whining about rules enforcement.

  7. Edmonton needs to start building a strong D system. I agree with whoever said to stop drafting forwards with their high first round picks. Look at Dougie Hamilton in the Bruins this year. A guy like that is someone Edmonton could start to build an elite D system around.

  8. Did you guys not see Matt Cooke take a low cheap shot at Adam Mcquaid at that game? That was the reason homer Jack Edwards make his comment. Edwards is a homer and sounded like an idiot but Cooke is not reformed he takes cheap shots all the time even if they aren’t as blatant. You guys are nuts.

    • Brad Marchand has had super low penalty minutes this year too but he’s still cheap and no sportsman of any kind. Same with Cooke. He’s cheap and does not fit the sportsmanship of that award in any way. It’s disgusting to see him nominated and you three sound like homers defending him haha.

      • That hit on MaQuaid was fine.
        Thought bruins were tough?
        You sound like that Habs fan, stop bitching.

        • I just don’t see it as a “tough” type thing. I got hit low like that and tore my ACL. It’s just stupid no matter how tough the team may or may not be.

  9. And finally. The Maple Leafs are by far the most profitable NHL team but fall to around #25 when compared to all sports. The top 25 are all British football and American football teams. Interestingly the Rangers are the only other NHL team in the top 50 in all of sports.

    • To be fair, the profitability of BPL teams is seriously in doubt given how teams like Manchester United are debt-ridden. I’d be stunned if the Leafs had a penny of debt on their books.

      • I hear you there. NFL teams though are definitely not debt ridden and there are a dozen or so NFL teams more profitable than the Leafs.

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