Pittsburgh Penguins v Ottawa Senators

I’m back! Good to return to talking puck, right as the season screams towards the most exciting time of the NHL season, round one. And yes, I mean that.

Today we covered:

* Vancouver taking it to Chicago

* Duncan Keith saying some stuff

* Chris Neil’s Matt Cooke issues

* Chris Neil’s hit on Simon Despres

* The Ottawa Sun’s columnists spat with Matt Cooke

* The Winnipeg Jets forecast

* And much more

You can listen to it here:


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Comments (5)

  1. Not sure why Cooke would want to do something.

  2. I was planning on slicing a number of Leaf fans’ achilles tendons anyway; this gives me a reasonable defence for it after the fact.

  3. I’m almost scared to listen to this. Do they conclude what Duncan Keith said was stupid, sexist, and disgusting or do I need to find another hockey podcast to listen to?

    • I believe they understood that Keith probably made the comments he did out of frustration from the game and the way he was getting questioned for an inconsequential play, and not because he is genuinely a sexist person (though he could be), but also acknowledged it doesn’t excuse the situation and shows that problems like this still do exist.

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