Vancouver Canucks v Calgary Flames

The only way in which the Calgary Flames aren’t entering full rebuild mode is verbally, but whatever spin they want to put on it, they done blowed up the building, and have heavy machinery standing by to clear it out before starting over. They traded (insert recognizable NHL names) for (the opposite), and set their sites on a high draft pick this year. Only…

flames tank tweet2

…that. Players who normally wouldn’t get a ton of minutes are getting them, and like a team with many injuries (think Ottawa Senators), the fill-ins are playing as hard as they possibly can and succeeding through sheer will and determination, trying to prove that they deserve the time they’re getting now, as opposed to the time they were getting before.

But there’s a reason they were getting those minutes before: that’s usually what they deserve.

Unfortunately for the Flames who would’ve loved to play terribly down the stretch and draft Nathan MacKinnon or Seth Jones (not impossible given the lottery system, but the lower you finish the better), the season isn’t long enough for them to get to the part where reality rears its ugly head and they start losing. They’ve gained 8 points of the 10 available since I tweeted what you see above (and won the game prior, which inspired that), and have climbed to 12th, one point ahead of the Edmonton Oilers (!).


Welp, they’ve had enough. It’s time to hide behind guise – actually, let me stop myself here – it’s time to do the right thing, and “give the young kids a chance to play” (which they absolutely should) and rest their veterans (because they’re more likely to make your team win).

How badly does this make you want them to win tonight? I bet they roll Nashville, the perfect victim for a team of hungry young guys to shred like carnivores at a carcass who’ll be playing each shift with total focus. And I’m sure the Preds are fine with this. I hope they don’t start Rinne, in fact.

In summary, Go Feaster Go Feaster Go!

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  1. “How badly does this make you want them to win tonight?”

    I’ve been a diehard Flames fan my entire life. A miserable, long-suffering diehard Flames fan. Too entrenched in my own infancy to remember ’89 (aside from trying to convince myself I was completely cognizant of that run as a 10-month old baby by watching my C of Champions VHS copy about 89 million times), I’ve known nothing but heartbreak, misery and – outside of 3 months in 2004 – painful, perpetual mediocrity.

    I’ve seen the 7th-10th overall pick episode far too many times. The last thing we need is another Daniel Tkaczuk. Or another Rico Fata. Or another Brent Krahn. Young Guns v.1.0 sucked beyond belief. I don’t ever want to go back there again.

    Goddammit, I deserve my own Toews, my own Tavares, my own Stamkos. I’ve had enough.

    To answer your question, I’ve never wanted my team to lose so badly than these upcoming 3 games, and damn you to hell for finding such joy in the trainwreck that is my favourite team.

    • P.S. I love your stuff, keep up the good work.

      • Ha, no fan deserves misery, but I can relate. The only positive I’ve had over you is having the Isles be bad enough to get Tavares. Maybe you’ll lottery yourselves a MacKinnon.

    • My personal favorite was picking Kidd like 9 or 10 spots ahead of Brodeur.

      • How about Leland Irving in the 1st round (!) ahead of Reimer, Seabrook, Lucic, Marchand, Foligno, McGinn etc etc…

        • Those are all good’uns, though you’ve gotta give the nod to picking a bum over one of the best goalies of all time…

          • The only reason it doesn’t kill me as much is b/c of Kiprusoff ( I moved to Calgary and became a fan in 2001).

            I bet that Marty would have made that the 90′s a whole lot more enjoyable for Flames fans so I’ll give you that one for sure.

  2. The Flames have a ton of heart, and have been playing their best hockey over the past 2 weeks.

    Meanwhile, disgraceful teams (with much, much more talent) – like the Oilers, Avalanche, Hurricanes, and Lightning – have all been tanking for quite some time.
    No effort, no heart, no respect for their organization.

    I’m proud of the Flames, and like Alex just said, they deserve to get a franchise player out of this draft. I have faith that the Hockey Gods will reward them this summer.

  3. @Alex, your post was beautiful and made me laugh. That is all.

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