Pic from CSNWashington.com

Pic from CSNWashington.com

I was rooting for the Winnipeg Jets when they took on the Washington Capitals while scrapping for one of the final playoff spots in the East last night, if only because I write about hockey for a living and a Jets win would’ve meant STANDINGS MADNESS AND CHAOS (and also the whole “woo go Canada” thing). Still, I recognize that the Capitals are a far better team, and will make playoffs better to watch, so meh, things are properly sorted.

It became official last night when Alexander Ovechkin scored his TWENTY-SECOND GOAL IN TWENTY-ONE GAMES!!! into an empty net to ice the contest and all but lock up the Rocket Richard Trophy for himself, an insane feat that none of us saw coming when he was buried on page three of the scoring leaders a dozen-plus games into the season and folks like myself were desperate to find a reason that such a great scorer could so quickly become such a dud.

Anyway, the empty-netter I’m referring to is the one below: he gets the puck just above the top of the circles, and instead of skating it in, or trying to finesse it into a corner, he basically sees the two Jets players in front of the net acting like they’ll block his shot, flops his junk on the table, and says “Okay, if you’re crazy enough, block this 90-some mile-per-hour slapshot with your foot.”

It’s the same thing penalty killers do when they rush back on a puck to clear it before the forecheckers get there. “You’ll probably have the option to stop this, so I’m going to shoot it as hard as humanly possible and see if keeping the puck in the zone is worth you potentially breaking a bone.” 

It was the perfect icing on the cake for the Caps. Really “drove the point home” so to speak.

The best part of the video is undeniably when Jets defenseman Derek Meech (that’s who’s out in crunch time?) gives the left shoulder shimmy like he’s going to stop a “high glove” shot, while Ovi buries it low stick.

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  1. Looks offside to me!

  2. Love seeing GMGM recover from his sudden lapse into exuberance.

  3. WHat was the kid in the Manchester United soccer jersey doing there?

  4. Editor’s Note: Yeah, deleted.

    (Secondly: See how many politically-incorrect things I was able to fit into that one statement? But, I’m not Duncan Keith, so no one gives a shit, other than to call me an asshole, and it won’t make national headlines.)

  5. I like your inclusion of the phrase “flops his junk on the table”

  6. do you think he is going to take some heat for this from other players? that some may see it as disrespectful, showboating, or unnecessary?

    • Why would it be seen that way? The Caps were only up 4-3 and the Jets had been pressing hard all game. It wasn’t like trying for an ENG was unnecessary, and the Caps knew if it became 5-3, that was basically the win and their playoff ticket locked down.

      Added to the fact Ovechkin’s been on a tear and this lengthened his goal lead. He didn’t make any disparaging victory gestures or hot-stick it up, he just hugged the hell out of his teammates because he scored and goal and knew that despite a really horrible start to the season, his team was going to the playoffs.

      I just don’t see how it could be viewed in any way disrespectful, showboating or unnecessary.

    • Nah in a shimmy game without goalies you can shoot it hard as long as you keep it on the ice. He is actually following an unwritten rule. The other team would respect that

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