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That’s from a Los Angeles Times writer. More on this when the League’s Shanaban video posts.


I’m allowed to use “Gordie Howe” as a verb, yes? Yes. Okay.

Dustin Brown has a hearing with the NHL today over his reverse hit on Jason Pominville (affectionately referred to by Ms. Conduct as “Pomerdoodle”), and so he probably should. Let’s take a look and break it down.

First and foremost, I have to mention the commentary on this. Has anyone (who doesn’t regularly listen to Kings’ broadcasts) heard of the term “cold shoulder” used to describe a reverse hit (which granted, could use a name)? New one to me. And kind of a funny one when describing this play, but we’ll get to that. Still, that was some real limber yoga to avoid saying “Brown elbowed Pominville.”

More context from me on this: I love reverse hits. There’s no reason why having the puck should exclude you from being the guy to deliver the pain when you see someone coming.

The facts:

The Kings win the draw back. Matt Greene, the defenseman back on the puck, starts the set play by wrapping it around to the far boards where Dustin Brown waits for it. He knows he’s going to be first to touch the puck. His job is to clear the zone, and if he can’t because of pressure, eat it and work it up the wall. He sees pressure coming. Pominville is first on him. He’s in on Brown, and his intention is to reach with one hand around Brown, and poke the puck past him and up to his d-man, so the Wild can gain possession (that may be straying from straight facts, but I’m very confident that that’s the case). Brown waits with the puck for a split second, then pushes into the reverse hit. He clearly strikes the head of Pominville with his elbow with a good amount of force. Pominville’s head, like Brown’s elbow, was fairly low.

My opinion:

I think Dustin Brown is awfully difficult to play, and he takes pride in embracing physical challenges when they arrive. He definitely meant to lay out Pominville, maintain possession of the puck, and make a play from there. He definitely hit him in the head with an elbow, and seemed to mean to. As I mentioned, it’s not like his elbow is up over his head, like he’s brandishing it as a weapon. But he’s definitely putting more into the hit than shoulder. Pominville happens to catch it right on the button because of the baby-reach he makes, and it’s lights out from there.

Dustin Brown has never been suspended before (which is something in itself), but he will be here.

That said, Brendan Shanahan’s video on “defensive contact to the head” says that some of these videos don’t end in suspensions because they’re “protective or defensive in nature,” but that if a pattern emerges, players can get some games. I think we’ve reached that point with Brown.

I say he gets 1-2 games, most likely the latter. He got Pomerdoodle pretty square.

Your opinion:

In the comments, we’d love to hear if you think this was a malicious play, a hockey play, or something totally different. The caveat: as always with “Court of Public Opinion” posts, you have to honestly list your favourite team (I have no dog in the fight as an Isles guy). That doesn’t mean if you’re a Wild fan and you think it was vicious and terrible that your opinion will be immediately discounted. I just think it helps with context.

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  1. Wild fan here. While he definitely threw an elbow, he also had that same hand on his stick the whole time which was touching the puck right before the contact. Combine that with the fact that Pominville’s head was low, and I can see how the league may view this as an accidental elbow. However, since they seem to factor injury in so much, I’m going to guess a 1-game suspension, since technically, an injury was caused by an illegal play (elbow).

    • Kings fan, in agreement with you on this. I think it will likely be a 2-gamer…mitigating circumstances that Pominville was coming in with his head low (reaching with the poke) and Brown never looked to see where he was at.

  2. Yes, Bourney, you are allowed to use Mr. Hockey as a verb. Did you get it from somewhere other than my Tweet last night?

  3. Wild fan, I think this was a cheap shot. Brown wasn’t going for a hit he was clearly looking to elbow Pominville granted I don’t think he was planning on the elbow connecting with his head. I see a 2 game suspension. Also here is a better view http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R-X_ko8Fm4

  4. Hockey play. I don’t see any intent here. Pom seemed to duck into it to me. Although, if the responsibility is on the person throwing the hit to make sure it’s clean, Brown could have glanced and lowered his shoulder.

    0 games.

    Devils fan, by the way.

  5. I suggest reverse-hits be called Forsberg-hits. Heavily biased Avs fan.

    Tough call on this hit, I’m no Dustin Brown fan but it just doesn’t look that bad to me. More a play of weird angles and circumstances rather than being real malicious. Maybe a game since he didn’t tuck the elbow.

  6. Blue Jackets fan. I don’t think this should be any games here. Brown makes no movement with his elbow at all here. It stays at the same level and with his body as he moves his whole body to initiate contact with Pominville. Pominville’s head was heading straight to Brown’s elbow even before he moved. As for Pominville’s injury, I think the majority of the damage was probably done by the ice. Look how hard his head hits when he goes down.

  7. Hockey Fan, To me this is a hockey play. Never want to see any injuries in the game, but this was Brown defending his puck position. Pominville came in low and off balance. Its playoff hockey atmosphere.

  8. Leafs fan. I think the idea of a reverse hit is dandy, and id Brown had kept his elbow down, and used his shoulder instead, it’d would have been fine.

    HOWEVER, the fact that Brown looks up, sees JP coming, and waits around, and then lays out the elbow in such a perfectly timed manner seals it for me on intent. The elbow is not overly high, true, but it’s perfectly placed to hit JP square in the face.

    I actually kind of admire the way he uses the kinetic energy from Pominville’s face to push off with his elbow, that’s badass.

    • Wild fan here

      Watching the game the Kings and Brown were seemingly after JP a lot last night. Lots of non calls but that is hockey sometimes. The camera that looks at the two points coming together someone has a link up on youtube here shows the two forces coming together. Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R-X_ko8Fm4 JP goes right in not trying to avoid a cross hit but rather play the puck, Brown then pushes from his right side to his left elbow right into JP head and face. JP is knocked out probably fully and goes down without even trying to brace him self.

      I have to say it is a dirty hit, it was a physical game and the Wild certainly frustrated the kings the whole game and plays like this usually are a result of that. Brown has a bit of a dirty playing streak and I think it is time he is dealt with. Just sad to not see a call and power play on this.

  9. leafs fan: If Brown had kept his elbow stationary and just braced for it I would say it was ok. He had his elbow out naturally as he was in control of the puck but right as Pomminville came in Brown made a move with his upper body toward him and led with the elbow. That is an elbowing penalty and since head is main point of contact probably 1-2 games.

    He could have just braced solid and not moved and let Pomminville run into a solid elbow and it should have been fine.

  10. Rangers fan here. While he undeniably hits Pominville with a solid elbow to the face, I just don’t really see the malicious intent here. Looks like he means to simply protect himself with a reverse hit as you call it (which, by the way, is a great play I wish more Rangers would make). The fact is Pominville comes in a bit low and does catch the elbow but it hardly seems intentional. I’d give him a fine just as a warning but as a first time offender and a respected player around the league Brown deserves the benefit of the doubt.

  11. Wings fan: It really didn’t look that bad to me. Yes the principle point of contact was the head from the elbow, but the elbow didn’t seem to move at all prior to the hit. Pommer seems to have skated into the elbow. Just my perspective.

  12. FYI, Kings feed called it an elbow later. The Minnesota feed had better angles.

    Pominville coming in at such an odd angle makes this worse, but Brown has to be more aware. Like others here, I think there is a mitigating factor, but you can still punish recklessness without intent.

    Because Brown throws a lot of hits, I think this is being taken over the top in a lot of quarters, though.

  13. hawks fan

    poms was coming in low looking to dig the puck out while brown was anticipating the opposite thing from happening, i.e. poms coming to check him off of it. its hard to say but in my opinion brown did not premeditate the elbow to land in poms face rather his chest or shoulder when/if poms had gone to check him since his elbow never moved up when pom was coming in only in a out motion to throw what you call a reverse check. yes poms got concussed or injured on the play, and like so many have said since injury does play a factor its tough to predict what shanny will dish out, however that being said shanny is very analytic in his reviews and depending how he interprets the play it could go from zero to two, but with browns history, specifically the no call on the knee against pheonix last playoffs i could see him pressured to give brown something so ill say two even though personally i think a fine is acceptable for a hockey play that ended awkwardly bad in poms case.

  14. Kings fan…Brown has always played physical and on the edge – those that say he’s a dirty player are wrong – he’s a physical beast at times – that said clearly his intent is to create contact with Pommer and the elbow IS up a bit – couple that with the game before where he lifted a little chicken winger on Dallas and triple THAT with the hit last year in the playoffs with Phoenix and his rep is starting to add up….this is a close call – wouldn’t be surprised to see a 1 game suspension – but anything more than that is reaching too far by the arm of the NHL law…

    • The hit on Roussel in the Dallas game was roussels own stick hitting his face. Browns shoulder or elbow didn’t make contact with roussels head at all.

  15. I recommend hockey players not try to check other hockey players with their heads.

    • …or block pucks with their face.

      See how ridiculous that sounds?

      • Yup, I do hear that. One is a choice by the player, the yours is a player being in the wrong place at the wrong time. So yeah, for sure, you sound ridiculous.

  16. Caps fan: I think the reason this is contact to the head is solely the Pominville reach-in. If Pominville plays the body, the contact is shoulder to shoulder or at worst elbow to shoulder/chest. But Brown walks that fine line with physical play, and I can see this being one step too far for the league, especially if they can sit him w/o missing playoff games. I’m sure the league actually likes the idea of suspending a star right before the playoffs…let’s them send a message that everyone is accountable without actually punishing anyone.

  17. Coyotes fan. No need to put the elbow up in that situation. He could keep it in and use the shoulder. another reckless play by Brown. 2 games.

    • Keep it in? It looked mostly out the whole time. He leaned in to the hit that was coming, which is when he should have lowered the elbow. But he didn’t raise the elbow, it was up the whole time.

      I think that’s the distinction here. He didn’t raise the elbow to the hit, but he failed to lower it. I think we’ll see that reflected in the number of games he’ll get.

  18. Habs fan here.
    I actually really like the video Andy posted. It looks like Brown saw that Pominville was coming and made the decision to play him. Pominville ended up coming in a little low but Brown was already committing to the hit and extended the elbow to make sure he got a piece. I call it a flow of the game thing, I don’t think Brown actually intended to make contact with the head/injury but I say a 2 gamer.

  19. Brown should of got a 5 minute major abd a game misconduct just charlie coyle did a couple of weeks ago when his check was legal but it was a shoulder to the face… if they are trying to make contact sports safer for the players, then they should be at least calling penalties to any blow to the head! Duh! The refs in that wild kings game let a lot of calls go and that’s how players get injured because they think they can get away with stuff and if it keeps up like this than they will be right!

  20. Bolts’ fan.

    Something to consider: Gordie Howe never wore motorcycle helmets on his elbows. There’s an elbow…then there’s striking someone in the head with a polycarbonate-encased elbow. (Brown did something similar to Roussel a couple/three days ago.)

    Some will defend Brown, saying “He plays on the edge” or “It’s his competitiveness” or “It’s his brand of intensity and leadership”, or some such bullshit – Take the “C” off of him and he’s simply a 25-goal scorer with a Raffi Torres or Patrick Kaleta on-ice mentality.

    …But, the playoffs are nigh – And in an NHL that finds it convenient (or even necessary) to allow the escalation of borderline play (for the sake of added “excitement” and intensity) you can be sure that oh-so-many players have become aware of his tendencies (let’s not forget his frequent use of knee-on-knee hits to disable opposition players) and may be looking (in kind) to assert their own brand of “competitiveness”, when it comes to playing Brown and the Kings.

    As defending champs, the entire team is sure to be sporting cross-hairs, regardless of who they play against. And this sort of casual brutality, as well as the typical “hands-off” officiating displayed during the post-season, is sure to up the ante.

    Shanahan may give him a slap on the wrist – The teams that he will face won’t take such a measured approach. Make book on that.

    • “Frequent knee on knee hits”? Since when?

      If you’re talking about the hit on Roszival, his knee wasn’t “blown out” as hilariously claimed by Phoenix players — it was thigh on thigh, and left him with a bruise.

      That’s a lot of overreaction to put him in the class of Kaleta or Torres, who do have a history of being repeat offenders for doing much worse. Torres will launch himself into the air to deliver an elbow. Come on now.

    • The roussel hit was clean. He got hit in the face by his own stick.

  21. Coyotes fan who also thinks Brown is a piece of shit so a lot of bias but I think its worth two games. Watched the Wild feed as some people suggested and it looks pretty blatant elbowing and since contact to the head I think thats worth some time in the press box.

  22. Wild Fan here, a few factors that are relevant when deciding if it was intent to injure or as Brown said “bracing for contact”.
    1) Nobody is more familiar with the “exploding shoulder” or “reverse hit” then Minnesota fans, as our Captain Koivu is one of the best in the league at this legal play.
    2) Brown said he was “bracing for contact”, yet he did look and see that is was Pominville coming in on him. Pominville has only been in MN a few weeks but it is already wildly apparent that Pominville is not a physical along the boards player. So “bracing for contact” against a smaller forward when you are already in the offensive zone and up against the boards just does not make any sense.
    3) The game was very physical from the start and Pominville had been run 3 times already this game including a leaping hit that drew a penalty in the neutral zone. With Clutterbuck smashing into everything he could find including DB, it is understandable that he would want to deliver a game changing hit that would swing momentum and release some frustration.
    4) There is an obvious chicken wing movement on DB’s elbow when he “braces for contact”, which connects square to Pominvilles face and down goes JP.

    My conclusion, is that is was certainly an illegal and dirty play on a forward who does not play the physical game. However, the game was so hard hitting and fast paced that JP himself should have been playing with a little more awareness when going into a corner with a player like DB. My fan side wants to see DB thrown under the boss but if I had to be partial I would say 2 games maximum and some fireworks should these 2 teams see each other in the playoffs!

    • Great, so now players are supposed to (1) figure out who is bearing down on them; (2) make a subjective judgment on whether or not they feel that player is a normally physical player; and (3) based on the first two points, use their psychic abilities to decide whether or not that player is going to try and play the puck or the hit, all in a split second? Are you insane?

      Moreover, assuming that NHL players are, in fact, psychic supermen with the reflexes of comic book heroes, what happens when they somehow do manage to make all those decision and figure that the guy will play the puck, and it turns out they’re wrong and get rocked all because they decided NOT to protect themselves and brace for the hit (because the player bearing down on them “is not a physical along the boards player”?). This is just pure silliness.

      • Not to mention that, considering Brown is the one in the more vulnerable position (as any player is when he is stationary and holding the puck along the boards with someone coming at them with any sort of speed), Pominville should have more responsibility than Brown in deciding what kind of player he is about to go up against? At least that would be the case if your crazy world existed where they are supposed to make all these decisions in the split second before the possible contact occurs.

      • No, that is ridiculous. But a player is responsible for how he hits another player. Elbowing is illegal.

        Would you make the argument that Brown didn’t hit JP with his elbow?

        Regardless of JP’s position it was elbowing.

        • Not exactly. Just because his elbow made contact with him does not make it an elbowing. Every time a player runs his head into someone else’s elbow does not constitute elbowing. Elbowing is willful or reckless elbow contact. I don’t see how one can infer definitively either one from this play; therefore, I don’t think any inference should be made at all.

          • At least that is how Shanny has been using elbowing when it comes to suspensions. When it comes to the actual penalty, it’s important to note that the rule on elbowing requires extension of the elbow to make the contact. That is how the rule is written.

        • I think we can all see the elbow hit his head. I think what everyone’s in disagreement over is whether Brown was TRYING to elbow him in the HEAD, or whether he was just trying to deliver a reverse hit by stepping into him unexpectedly (if Pominville wasn’t so low Brown’s elbow wouldn’t be hitting his head). If his head wasn’t down there, moving his elbow (and shoulder) like that is not dirty at all.

          Slow it down when Pominville approaches and it’s just a bit of an unexpected way he plays it there. He’s leaning back and stopping while his torso is leaning forward to try to poke the puck past Brown.

      • Get it right bracing for a hit is not leading with an elbow. Get your definition correct

        • It was clearly elbowing, since his elbow did move towards the head.

          That’s how Brown hits, watch the Sedin hit from last playoffs. His elbow is down there and he hits Sedin with his shoulder while following through with his arm and elbow. Many players do this when they hit.

          When someone puts their head at elbow level, bad things happen.

  23. Leafs fan.
    Love the name ‘cold shoulder’ -hope it sticks.
    I don’t think he gets any games, should have gotten a minor for elbowing, but no intent, and Pomminville game in low.

    First rule of contact hockey -protect yourself.

  24. wild fan. It should be noted that after the hit, zenon konopka was set to respond and brown ran off the ice as fast as he could to avoid a fight. I’m guessing brown isn’t the Kings enforcer, but he’s also not small or soft. Intriguing if nothing else that he avoided the fight. On another note, this play seems to fit the wild’s season so far – other teams take liberties and get away with it. We had a stretch this season of 7 or 8 games where our players took no-called high sticks and it wasn’t until coyle’s teeth were chipped and mouth bloodied before we got a high stick call. I totally understand the playoffs ramp up the physical play and that these games are basically playoff games, but calls that are obvious should not be ignored. I like the physicality of the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean people should get away with cheap hits.

    • The Kings generally don’t get engaged in fights, in spite of being such a massive group of forwards. They’re too smart a team for that (I’d argue that they don’t really dress an enforcer, either, although Nolan was in the lineup yesterday).

      That attitude serves them well come playoff time. Well, except for the inevitable, inexplicable, post-season Kopitar fight. It’s coming. Just wait.

      • The only person in the league that holds Brown accountable for his BS is Shane Doan. Brown isn’t a fan of dropping the gloves with Doaner.

    • Why would Brown take himself off the ice just to fight Konopka? Think about this one.

  25. Bruins fan! from MN, North Stars left when I was a kid… still bitter.

    Solid hit. As a forchecker you should anticipate the contact, preferably deliver it first. Poms head was down chasing the puck. Know your opponent. Brown is always going to try to make first contact. Yes, Brown caught him high. But Pom practically headbutted his elbow due to bad body position. Poms standing slightly more up right, it’s elbow to chest, no harm. A minor change in Poms angle allows him to win the battle between the blue and circle. Most importantly, not leave the ice chasing tweety bird.

    Minnesota loses a good player due to bad angle and body position. This is bantam stuff here.

    I wish I could teach my players to make more reverse hits. No suspension.

  26. Oilers fan.

    looking at the video, and what was in the Shanahan video, I don’t think Brown gets anything. If you watch what the NHL calls out as penalties, you’ll see the players actively lift their elbow/fore arm up to attack, where on this play, Brown keeps his arm tucked in and looks to put a shoulder into Pomminville while hes expecting Pomminville to put a shoulder into him.

    Also, ‘Cold Shoulder’ better not catch on.

    • Wouldn’t you have to hit someone with your SHOULDER for it to be considered a “cold shoulder?”

  27. No , No, No there is NO place for head hits , swinging toward, or contact to the head.. I dont care who the player is, Captain to scrub, NO PLACE, NO BULL< NO SECOND CHANCE..I am a fan of hockey.. and have seen good players injured, some out for a season, some for a career.. the man. in my opiniion.. should be GONE.., NO penalty was called in that game the ref's swallowed ther whistles. gon 15+minutes in the first period with som egregious hits being taken and NO calls.. If I had a vote. l say. suspend. forever.. Send a clear message, and also FIRE the lines mand and the REF who didnot make the call at the time. NO excuses.
    A clear and concise message needs to be sent.. to all NHL player , owners, down thru to the smallest squirt team. it is never , ever exceptable to go head hunting.

    Play HARD, life is to Short for anything else

    • “If I had a vote. l say. suspend. forever..’

      Not TOO over the top at all. might want to cut back on the caffeine intake a tad

    • lol this isn’t basketball! Players are gonna get hit and hurt get over it or go watch women’s hockey!

      • The women who play hockey at a high level would destroy you on the ice. They are far tougher than you clearly think. But still, that’s some real nice gender bias right there. Great job.

    • You have to be kidding me. I would like nothing more than to see Brown sit out for some playoff games but that is ridiculous. Had Brown not led with his elbow and got Pomerdoodle (that’s just great) square on the chin with all shoulder we wouldn’t even be talking about this.

      2 games max; if he get’s anything. Too bad they still have a couple regular season games left. It wouldn’t shock me if he is suspended again this postseason.

    • I think your name says it all. Clearly you’re talking about baseball, Mr. or Mrs. Umpire. There is no place for head contact in baseball, but it happens in hockey. Clearly you don’t watch hockey and see it happen every single night on otherwise innocuous plays.

      Sure, let’s remove every type of contact that could end a guy’s career in hockey. I guess that would mean removing all contact from the game completely.

      On second thought, let’s not do that. Leave wussiness to baseball. Hockey is for people tough enough to play it (and now, apparently, there are people who aren’t even tough enough to watch it…like, not as tough as my six year old niece)

      • Sure hockey is a rough & tough sport but only MMA allows elbows as a weapon. Brown is a coward & liar.

  28. Wild Fan here. Definitely biased, but here’s my two cents. I don’t think Brown intended to elbow him in the face, Pominville definitely comes in low. However, I do think that Brown intended to lead with his elbow on the reverse check. Notice his elbow coming up and away from his body. This wasn’t a reverse shoulder check. It’s unfortunate that Pominville was low enough that the elbow was to the chin, but it’s on Brown that he lead with the elbow, regardless of Pominville’s position.

  29. Flames fan. Targeted the head, vulnerable position (i.e. totally unexpected), injury occurred. 2 games. Finally this guy will have a history.

  30. I don’t think this was a particularly malicious hit and I would be surprised to see Brown get suspended for what looks like accidental contact to the head for me. However as a Red Wings fan, I would just be DEVASTATED if Brown wasn’t available to play tonight…

  31. Cant believe anyone would think this deserves a suspension since JP ran into Brown. What did you want Brown to do? Sit there and take it? Good grief, just outlaw checking why don’t you?

    Kings Fan, though obviously impartial.

  32. Kings fan. I think he gets a game simply because of the after-effect and the motion of the elbow. Pommenville contributed quite a bit to the result.

    • Shanypants will be looking for any sudden movement or change in postion just prior to or simultaneous to the hit. None of which was there.

  33. Coyotes fan. Ugh, no love for Dustin Brown, despite the fact that we share a hometown. Still, while he threw an elbow, I don’t think he was expecting to get Pominville’s head. He’ll get a game – and really shouldn’t get any more.

  34. Rangers fan here…

    It doesn’t matter if you’re making a “regular” hit or a reverse hit. The onus is on the hitter to make a clean hit. He caught Pominville with the elbow, right in the chin. If you are going to be hit, you can lean into it so you don’t get wrecked, but you still have to keep your elbow down.

    Give him a game.

  35. Interesting point about the hit, us Wild fans certainly want something, although a penalty at the time is what should have happened. A suspension, ironically, actually hurts the Wild because it gives the Wings a better chance to beat the Kings. So kind of a conundrum there. Pomminville skated in, but the point in the thread that is getting missed is that he was trying to play the puck. Brown’s a physical player, but if you really think he did not lead with an elbow, you need to see all of the angles. He raises his elbow and shifts his weight towards Pominville.

    • I don’t disagree with your points except this one a bit “Pomminville skated in, but the point in the thread that is getting missed is that he was trying to play the puck.”

      As a hockey player you should always assume you are going to get hit and be ready for it. Just because Pomminville isn’t normally an aggressive type player in regards to body contact doesn’t mean there is a 100% he won’t hit you this time. And when you let your guard down is when you as the hittee get hurt.

      • There’s a difference between bracing for a hit and elbowing someone in the face. If Brown had gotten him with all shoulder we wouldn’t even be discussing the hit.

      • Expect a hit yes not an elbow, as for Pomminville not protecting himself he is loopy. Paid in full now Brown pays for his part.


  36. I’ll be honest, I have a significant dislike for the Kings and Brown in particular but I would say this is a bit toned down from his normal antics on the ice.

    I still think he should get a couple of games because it is a blatant elbow to the face of Pomerdoodle (I will be using that from now on, thank you) and there was no sudden movement before impact to contribute to it.

    I would like to see him get more but he mysteriously doesn’t have any prior disciplinary judgments.

    With all that said, it would not surprise me if he got nothing to add to his growing list of illegal hits that go without punishment.

  37. Kings fan: I see potentially 1 game because of the crackdown on hits to the head this year, and the fact that Brown does seem to have a history of borderline questionable hits (all clean of course, according to us Kings fans); I think they’ll keep him on the hook for a suspension because of this. The reason I would argue against 2 games is that I don’t believe there was intent to target the head (and I second Pete’s statement above: “I recommend hockey players not try to check other hockey players with their heads.”) I’ve used a similar move when I played waterpolo, where you stick your elbows out a bit and wheel around in an attempt to protect the ball/create space by trying to get the defense to back off a bit, assuming the d-man wants to avoid getting smacked. Noses get broken, but that is not the intent of the move.

  38. Kings fan since the Goring era….agree 100% with Justin here. Expecting 2 games, as Brown did see him coming and seemed to try to make him pay.

  39. I have seen 3 views of this hit the view from behind says it all, have a seat brown 2 games.

  40. i believe he would get at least a game , hard to tell though

  41. From your statements I take it elbowing in the face is legal in waterpolo, which is understandable since your elbows are routinely at head level when holding a ball above water…but this hockey. If players of larger stature are resposible for how they hit smaller skaters then this should be a no brainer.

    Intent has nothing to with the fact that Browns elbow made initial contact to the head with the head being the primary source of the impact.

    By definition in the rule book it is suspendable.

    • That was supposed to be a reply to Rachel.

    • I really wish people would read the rules before definitively claiming to know them. From the NHL site, rule 45.1: “Elbowing shall mean the use of an extended elbow in a manner that may or may not cause injury.” Simple contact between the elbow and the head is not enough to constitute elbowing.

      • I’ve read and know the rule. He lunged at JP. Elbow was extended, hence the elbow making the contact. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. Thanks for proving MY point.

      • Where you at Dev? 2 game suspension for elbowing. Wanna quote that rule for us 1 more time?

  42. Nucks fan. Far better angle here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R-X_ko8Fm4

    It looks like there was definitely intent. Give him 2-3 games. He’s been let off the hook far to often on questionable hits. I don’t see how this is anything less than what Hansen got for the Hossa hit.

  43. Kings fan here. While I don’t think he intended to injure Pomm, I do think the 2-game suspension he received is necessary. This is like one of those helmet-to-helmet hits in the NFL where one guy ducks at the last second. It happened too fast for either of them to change positions. Not intentional, but you can’t not suspend him because it’s too much of a judgement call and it sets a dangerous precedent if he’s not suspended.

  44. Oilers fan. 2 games is definitely fair, primary point of contact is right to the face. Although he probably was trying to just lower the shoulder, he forgot to tuck the elbow in and gave him the ol’ chicken wing. Mistakes do happen, but you still gotta face the consequences with something like that.

  45. SBNation is reporting that a team official confirmed Brown is suspended 2 games but I don’t see anything on NHL.com yet.

  46. Canucks fan here

    Elbow out & leading the hit is not protective but definately intent. Shoulder hit is defensive but elbows r always dirty instincts from players pushing the line. Brown is a rugged player but also takes cheap shots & not back it up. Matt Cooke is under a microscope all the time now as poster boy for intent toinjure hits. Brown is no angel & time will continually prove it. When he plays safer his game will diminish & he will not be an effective player if no adjusting to reality.

  47. Also like to add players r responsible for their stick & thats more circumstantial at times but elbows out r not circumstancial.Elbows up & tucked in bracing for a blow is one thing but out and leading towards impact r dirty. Brown was not even gonna get run into the boards. He inititiated the contact. Therefore 2 games for reckless contact to the head is warranted.
    What reason did Brown not body check?
    When is an elbow ever directed at the body?
    My point is elbowing is a defenseless case on the players part.

  48. my family has been following the Kings since the Vachon days. I think had JP not been so low it would have been more shoulder than elbow, however the elbow was present, so the 2 game suspension (while unfortunate for the Kings) is fair in my eyes.

    • however i will say that it makes no sense that brown gets suspended for this but Nash didn’t get suspended for leaping into the air with his elbow extended and hitting Kopecky in the back of the head

  49. There was no intent to injure . Hockey is a contact sport. Nice call NHL you hurt a team by something that was a two minute penalty at best. Plus now you are moving the reputation of Dustin as a dirty player. I think you and Obama are great leaders who both live in a politicly correct world. Don’t forget this is hockey not basketball. If I was your boss I would suspend you for the season for being stupid. As a player what is legal. Don’t get your stick in someone’s skates and cause him to fall you might get in trouble.

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