Ottawa Senators v Pittsburgh Penguins

On February 13th, the Ottawa Senators tweeted out the official news in the wake of the Matt Cooke/Erik Karlsson achilles-cutting incident:

Game over. The Sens were going to have to make it the rest of the way without their Norris Trophy-winning defenseman. It was over.

But lo! The unthinkable news broke earlier today:


And so, for some Twitter opinion:

Our resident doctor/excellent person Jo Innes has a post on the Karlsson injury coming later today, so check back in later for that.

Comments (8)

  1. Balls! Stupid balls, but balls.

  2. He won’t be 100% though

  3. Should we talk about PEDs?

    • I wouldn’t want to make a baseless accusation toward Karlsson, but I would be interested to know the effect PED have on tendon rehabilitation versus muscle.

    • Deer antler spray, no doubt /conspiracytheorist

  4. So of all the PED’s, maybe HGH could help? As far as I know HGH only helps collagen, and I am not sure that it would help him come back this quick. ANyone know how much of his achilies he actually severed? I am guessing it is less than we all think.

    • I think the public estimates were around 70%-75%. That is still a lot in my book and in my, uneducated, opinion seems like this return is really rushed. Wow.

  5. That means we have another Quiet Room coming!!!

    (I get way too excited about Quiet Room. I know.)

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