New York Rangers v Florida Panthers

When the NHL season wraps up on April 28th with a make-up game between the Boston Bruins and Ottawa Senators, hockey fans (and even some fringe “fans”) will turn their attention to the best tournament in sports, the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Fans of teams who missed the playoffs and missed badly, however, will have Monday circled in red for a very important reason.

This is pretty crazy. Any team that just misses playoffs – be it the Red Wings, Rangers, Flyers or whoever – could acquire a Seth Jones or Nate MacKinnon or Jonathan Drouin and randomly grab a badly needed piece to help them become not just a bottom-feeding team, but a true threat.

Still, the lower you finish, the better your odds are. Here are the odds for the very-bottom teams hoping to grab the number-one overall pick, via TSN.

Team Points Odds
30. Florida Panthers 34 25%
29. Colorado Avalanche 37 18.8%
28. Tampa Bay Lightning 38 14.2%
27. Nashville Predators 41 10.7%
26. Carolina Hurricanes 41 8.1%
25. Edmonton Oilers 41 6.2%
24. Calgary Flames 42 4.7%


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  1. Really bright future for Florida (or Quebec maybe) if the Panthers can build around Jonathan Huberdeau and Seth Jones for the future. It could even inspire Stephen Weiss to stick around, who knows?

  2. what are the odds for the other teams?

    • Good question. It’s odd to mention that everyone has a chance and then not to list the chances for a bunch of the teams.

      • I assume it was done because things could change up there, and a 2.1% chance at Jones for us Devs fans isn’t something to get too pumped about, it’s kind of unlikely. At least the draft is at the rock, and we’ll have a decent pick no matter what…

    • 1st – 25.0% – Florida Panthers
      2nd – 18.8% – Colorado Avalanche
      3rd – 14.2% – Tampa Bay Lightning
      4th – 10.7% – Nashville Predators
      5th – 8.1% – Carolina Hurricanes
      6th – 6.2% – Edmonton Oilers
      7th – 4.7% – Calgary Flames
      8th – 3.6% – Philadelphia Flyers
      9th – 2.7% – Buffalo Sabres
      10th – 2.1% – New Jersey Devils
      11th – 1.5% – Phoenix Coyotes
      12th – 1.1% – Dallas Stars
      13th – 0.8% – Detroit Red Wings
      14th – 0.5% – Winnipeg Jets

  3. That’s it Flyers. Continue winning meaningless games now. Excited for a 7th overall pick that we will inevitably squander. I hate this front office.

  4. If the Rangers win the lottery the pick would go to Columbus in the Rick Nash trade. That would TOTALLY change who won that trade.

  5. Is only the top pick part of the lottery, or is the rest of the lower spots ordered by lottery as well?

    Meaning: If someone else besides Florida ends up with the #1 pick, does Florida automatically get #2, Colorado #3, etc.

    Or is the rest of the 1st 14 picks a lottery scramble as well?

    • It looks like only the top pick is decided by lottery. It’s too bad. The draft lottery could be a way to remove the ‘Suck for Seth’ and ‘Fail for Nails’ mentality. If there’s no guarantee of the top pick, you might as well ice your best team.

  6. So what are the odds that the Panthers miss out on the top 3 picks? Should have paid more attention in that Statistics class.

  7. My god imagine Edmonton won it again…that would be most bogus.

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