Winnipeg Jets v Washington Capitals

Last season the Florida Panthers traded for more-or-less every available B-level player and paid them like B+ guys to get to the salary floor, then won the Southeast Division. They had some pretty good names – Upshall, Versteeg, Skill, Weiss, Goc, Kopecky, Fleishmann and so on – so you could see how they finished on top at the end of last season, and how they would again this year.

Only this year…they were the odd team out. Hell, they’re last in the Eastern Conference (injuries!), which they’re probably okay with.

The rest of the division used Florida’s decline to take over the top spot.

All of them. 

Florida won it last year, and every team has since had the division lead at the end of a month. The musical chairs resulted in the Washington Capitals finally putting together a run of good hockey and winning the division, and in turn, the three seed. They’ve now won the division five of the last six years, which is good if you’re into the whole “getting a good seed” thing.

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  1. Nascar division … Nascar division … thank god the SE will finally be put to rest in this league. Worst division ever.

  2. R.I.P. South(L)east Division.

  3. Interesting little bit of trivia here… Since the 1998 -1999 season (When the Southeast division was made) teams from the division have won 2 cups. (Tampa Bay in 04 and Carolina in 05)… In that time period how many cups have come out of the highly touted Northeast? 1. (Boston in 11)

    Is the Southeast a weak division? Unquestionably… But lets not all sit around here and pretended that these teams finished dead last every single year.

    • Good point. Not to mention a President’s Trophy winner in the Caps (though I think that trophy has some sort of curse on it).

      • President’s trophy … aka the Loser’s Cup … no one remembers who won this Loser’s cup.

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