Los Angeles Kings v Detroit Red Wings

Four games in the NHL last night, which took us to:

* Chicago clinches President’s Trophy

* Ray Emery gets hurt

* Martin St. Louis takes over Art Ross lead

* Detroit takes two big points from Los Angeles

* We play the game “Word Up”

* And much more

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By the way: mad props to Getty Images photographer Dave Reginak, who took some wicked pics last night.

Los Angeles Kings v Detroit Red Wings Los Angeles Kings v Detroit Red Wings Los Angeles Kings v Detroit Red Wings

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  1. Holy S those photos are amazing.

  2. The Jennings trophy is given to the Goalie or tandem that has given up the fewest goals in the NHL, so it’s not based on who’s the “best”, but who played well for a good team.

    Schneider/Luongo have no shot (13 more goals against than Chicago)

    Crawford/Emery, Anderson/Lehner or Rask are the only ones in real contention

  3. Agreed – incredible work by photographer Dave Reginak. Those look almost like retro photos with their crispness and the darkness in the stands. Also, in the first picture it looks like Jonathan “Quack”, which is always going to be awesome.

  4. Friiiisky Dingo

  5. Re the Chicago goalies, Bourne, please ask Jake to get off the crack, at least right before the podcast. The success of Crawford/Emery is hugely due to the team in front of them.

    Some numbers:

    Goalie – Sv% – Shots against

    Crawford – .925 – 743
    Niemi – .925 – 1193

    Emery – .922 – 460
    Howard – .922 – 1090

    No chance I’d give the vezina to Crawford or Emery. Not their fault but they just weren’t tested as hard as their peers.

    • I don’t deny that it has to do with the team in front of them, but Niemi has played 42 games to Crawford’s 29 and Howard has played 40 to Emery’s 18 so shots against isn’t the best measure (also why I was pointing out that there’s been no mention as them winning it as a tandem as there was with Halak/Elliott last year. There’s absolutely no way one of them should win it individually).

  6. Jake – Well if you’re going to use Logic in our discussion, I’m out. Yes, shots per game are actually pretty close:
    Niemi – 28
    Howard – 27
    Crawford – 26
    Emery – 26
    I think it was the whole discussion using the words “Vezina” “Crawford” and “Emery” that got my hackles up. On reflection, I was probably out of line to out you on your crack habit.

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