New York Rangers v Carolina Hurricanes

It’s funky Friday, which means we rapped the entire podcast. Also, that’s not true, and it was just a normal show. We discussed:

* The Rangers clinching playoffs (with help from Dan Ellis)

* The Jets being eliminated from the post-season

* Erik Karlsson and the Senators

* The ball is in the Minnesota Wild’s court

* Detroit could be a scary round one opponent

* And so much more

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Comments (4)

  1. Look at the rangers schedule over the last month and then reconsider the talk about them upsetting anyone in the east. They got pounded down against tough teams and then beat the bad ones to scrape into the playoffs with one game to go.

    I think the people see L.A. last year and give them more praise then they deserve.

  2. What strikes me as funniest about the phrase “body injury” is how redundant it is. How often are teams concerned about non-bodily injuries? When was the last time anyone had to report, “Some journalist said something rude about Matt Cooke’s junk and now he’s crying in Shero’s office. We expect him to miss three games while he gets therapy”?

  3. “Punch him in the nose and he bleeds like any other man!”

    I love these shows when it is SLewis and Bourne.

  4. So are we to expect 4 months of dead air after the playoffs, or are you guys gonna push out 80 shows about kelly clarkson and hard boiled eggs?

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