Draft lottery odds are now set

2008 NHL Draft Drawing

The NHL season is almost over, with just one game to go between playoff-bound Ottawa and Boston, so this means the bottom 14 teams have been determined and with that, so are the draft lottery odds. This year, every team in the lottery has a chance at the first pick, that is expected to be defenseman Seth Jones. The lottery is set to take place Monday night.

Here’s the odds for each team heading into the lottery.

Team Odds
Florida Panthers 25.0%
Colorado Avalanche 18.8%
Tampa Bay Lightning 14.2%
Nashville Predators 10.7%
Carolina Hurricanes 8.1%
Calgary Flames 6.2%
Edmonton Oilers 4.7%
Buffalo Sabres 3.6%
New Jersey Devils 2.7%
Dallas Stars 2.1%
Philadelphia Flyers 1.5%
Phoenix Coyotes 1.1%
Winnipeg Jets 0.8%
Columbus Blue Jackets 0.5%

Comments (4)

  1. Please, oh please, let Lumbus get the first pick with such bad odds! After a decade of sucking and never landing the sweetest consolation prize surely means the hockey gods are bound to continue defying logic and spit in Florida’s eye, right?

    • make that two votes for #Lumbus. I was really rooting for those guys and they’re gonna need all the help they can get playing in the East next season.

      • #Lumbus has sympathy on their side, but I’m pulling for Tampa because Jones would fit into their lineup so freaking perfectly.

        I think we’re all agreed that, for the good of hockey, Jones has to go to a US team, right? He’s too good a story to wind up toiling away in Calgary or Edmonton.

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