Ottawa Senators v Boston Bruins

It’s the final regular season podcast! Before turning our attention to the playoffs, we covered:

* The final weekend of the regular season

* The success of:

- The Islanders and John Tavares

- Taylor Hall

- The Penguins and Blackhawks

- Sergei Bobrovsky and the Blue Jackets

* And so much more

You can listen to it here:


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Comments (9)

  1. Worst Hockey Movie: D3 The Mighty Ducks

  2. National Lampoon’s Pucked. I have never seen it but it stars Bon Jovi and is definitely the one that will produce the most hilarious Forced Watching post.

  3. You DID just say Hey in Finnish

    Hey in Finnish is Hei.. very similar pronounciation

  4. The Puck Hogs is probably one of the stupidest movies in general I’ve seen but I think a good eighth of the movie takes place in a strip club so I can’t say its the worst. I don’t really have anyone elses opinion on it because I’m not entirely sure anyone else has seen it. It does have a lower IMDB score then both The Love Guru and Slapshot 3 though.

  5. I would say Love Guru, but BattleofCali already did it.

  6. Don’t really care for Lumbus. Their uniforms are ugly and who cares, it’s Columbus.

    Also, Rangers have one of the best shot differentials in the league. So if the Leafs are screwed because they have the worst, surely the Rangers can bank on the fact that their shooting percentage was super low all year, and they are bound to get some goals with all the shots they take. If it works one way, it’s gotta work the other way.

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