Nashville Predators v Chicago Blackhawks

Now that the playoff matchups are set, we can take a look at the odds Vegas has put out to win the Stanley Cup.

You can see the entire schedule here.

Odds to Win the 2013 Stanley Cup

Team Odds
Pittsburgh Penguins 7/2
Chicago Blackhawks 4/1
Boston Bruins 8/1
Montreal Canadiens 10/1
Anaheim Ducks 10/1
San Jose Sharks 12/1
Washington Capitals 14/1
Vancouver Canucks 14/1
St. Louis Blues 15/1
Los Angeles Kings 15/1
Minnesota Wild 18/1
New York Rangers 20/1
Toronto Maple Leafs 25/1
New York Islanders 30/1
Detroit Red Wings 30/1
Ottawa Senators 30/1

Odds to win the Eastern Conference

Team Odds
Pittsburgh Penguins 3/2
Boston Bruins 4/1
Montreal Canadiens 9/2
Washington Capitals 13/2
New York Rangers 10/1
Toronto Maple Leafs 12/1
New York Islanders 15/1
Ottawa Senators 15/1

Odds to win the Western Conference

Team Odds
Chicago Blackhawks 2/1
Anaheim Ducks 5/1
Vancouver Canucks 6/1
San Jose Sharks 6/1
Los Angeles Kings 7/1
St. Louis Blues 7/1
Minnesota Wild 8/1
Detroit Red Wings 14/1

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  1. I’d put bets on both the Blues and the Kings. Assuming the teams don’t murder each other (a possibility, I will grant, given Bakes and Brown being Bakes and Brown and the spillover from the Blues regularly losing their shit last year during the beatdown by the Kings), the winner of that series’ odds are going to drop precipitously in the next round.

    And, really, with the Kings having won the Cup last year I think the Blues winning would be nice to finally remove the “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE BLUES!?!” whine of Leaf fans when you remind them that they have the longest Cup drought. :)

  2. Wait, so the Wild, who stumbled into the 8 seed, who has to go and play the Blackhawks in the first round are 8-1 in the West, but you can get the Red Wings who won their last 4, and had shutouts in 3 of their last 7, at 14-1? I’ll have some of that.

    • No way the wings win the cup this year, but they sure have a better shot at it than the Wild. That’s just crazytalk.

  3. How can Pitt be above the Hawks? Even with Crosby I’m pretty sure Hawks are way better.


    • Hawks are a better team, but people fixate on star power. Aren’t odds based on where they think people will bet? I assume that the Pens are the team that a lot of people like, even if it isn’t as realistic as the Hawks.

    • As noted, it’s not about better or worse, but about who will get the most action. The Pens are a public team, much like how the Packers and Cowboys are in the NFL; they’ll always get better odds than their actual ability.

      But, more importantly, these are odds to win the Cup. Chicago has to go through two of St. Louis, Vancouver, LA, and (depending on what odds you give them of keeping up their play) Anaheim. The Pens have to beat… um… crap, the East really does suck.

      So the Pens will be overwhelming favourites to make the final, while Chicago is going to have to survive one, or likely two, wars against excellent teams.

  4. Gotta say I like the Leafs and Sens Odds to win the Cup. Its time they started winning against Boston, you can only lose so many times to the same team.

  5. HAHAHA Th eleafs and the Sens will never get tired of losing, and once Ottawa luls the Pens into a false sense of security and some form of coma, The bruins will sweep in and take the Pens out… GO BRUINS!

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