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Good morning! “What’d I Miss?” is a feature that will run after weekends for those people who used their weekend like, doin’ stuff instead of constantly watching hockey. Doin’ stuff is the worst. Stick-tap to Pro Hockey Talk, a major source for this.


Goooood morning hockey fans, and welcome to That Day.

“That Day” is the day after the regular season has come to a close, and a day before the playoffs start. The past and future in each hand.

There is no hockey today – what there is, is a crap-ton of information. There are quotes from locker clean-out day, there are reflections on years gone wrong, there are previews of series ahead (Backhand Shelf’s will be out later today), there are predictions…there’s just a ton of stuff. It’s a good day to run a hockey blog.

But before we get into the business of previewing and predicting and looking back and all that, here’s the good stuff. The last weekend in the NHL shaped the playoffs. If you missed any of it, let’s get you caught up.


Playoff match-ups are set

At a glance:

1) Chicago Blackhawks vs. 8) Minnesota Wild

Last met in playoffs in…1991.

2) Anaheim Ducks vs. 7) Detroit Red Wings

6th time these two have met in the post-season since 1997.

3) Vancouver Canucks vs. 6) San Jose Sharks

Canucks won their last playoff series in 2011.

4) St. Louis Blues vs. 5) Los Angeles Kings

Kings swept them in playoffs last year, swept the season-series this year.

1) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 8) New York Islanders

Isles have never lost a series to the Penguins (three meetings).

2) Montreal Canadiens vs. 7) Ottawa Senators

Split their season series this year.

3) Washington Capitals vs. 6) New York Rangers

Haven’t met in playoffs since…last year. Time before that was…the year before. Third meeting in three years, Caps with third coach.

4) Boston Bruins vs. 5) Toronto Maple Leafs

Series will be the final statement on the Phil Kessel trade for sure so you should totally take it that way.

Playoffs, man. I’m stoked.


The Jackets of Columbus are Blue

You’ll notice the Columbus Blue Jackets are not included above. Well, they certainly did everything they could down the stretch to get in, but unfortunately, Minnesota and Detroit both won their final games as well. But like I said, wasn’t for lack of trying – here’s Sergei Bobrovsky making 411 saves in three seconds. Ballpark.


What, do something

This picture exists, from the last Leafs/Habs game of the year:

Brendan Gallagher, shown invoking the age-old rule of "since I don't have to fight you, I can f*** with you as much as I like and you have to just take it."

Brendan Gallagher, shown invoking the age-old rule of “since I don’t have to fight you, I can f*** with you as much as I like and you have to just take it.”


Draft Lottery odds are set

And tonight we’ll find out who gets Seth Jones and Nate MacKinnon.

Team Odds
Florida Panthers 25.0%
Colorado Avalanche 18.8%
Tampa Bay Lightning 14.2%
Nashville Predators 10.7%
Carolina Hurricanes 8.1%
Calgary Flames 6.2%
Edmonton Oilers 4.7%
Buffalo Sabres 3.6%
New Jersey Devils 2.7%
Dallas Stars 2.1%
Philadelphia Flyers 1.5%
Phoenix Coyotes 1.1%
Winnipeg Jets 0.8%
Columbus Blue Jackets 0.5%


Nail Yakupov and Jonathan Huberdeau tied for the rookie scoring lead

Tiebreaker to YakCity chick, Yak YakCity chick (that’s a link to a rap song, so y’know, do with that what you will), who led in goals. Both dudes had three point games in their final contests, which I’m sure both assumed would be enough to give them the lead.

Here’s Yak’s three points…all goals.

Yakupov: 17 goals, 14 assists, 31 points

Huberdeau: 14 goals, 17 assists, 31 points.


Joe Nieuwendyk got the axe, Jim Nill got hired

I’m sensing that four years is the rope given to GMs to turn a team around, and in the case of Joe Nieuwendyk, he couldn’t get the organization headed in the right direction in time. They replaced him with Jim Nill, who worked with Ken Holland and the Red Wings during the Cup-winning years (he has four) and was long-rumoured to be given an NHL GM job.

Oh, and it sounds like the Stars head coach, Glen Gulutzan, will be next to go.


Milan Lucic and Chris Neil went to war

When you’re not scoring and that’s your role, it’s tough to be useful. Unless your name is Milan Lucic, in which case you can switch gears to grinder mode, and try to punch Chris Neil in the face.

This is an absolute slugfest that made me think two things: “Ouch,” and “that looks tiring.”

The Sens would win the game 4-2, clinching the Northeast Division for the Canadiens, and breaking up the potential Toronto/Montreal series so many people desperately wanted. Boo.


Henrik Sedin kept his ironman streak alive

He’s still healthy and the Canucks wanted to give him a day off, so he ripped off one 22 second shift, headed to the dressing room, and tossed his suit back on. His ironman streak (629 straight games!) is second only to Jay Bouwmeester’s 634.


Some trophies were won

With the regular season ending, here’s what we know as far as individual awards goes:

Alex Ovechkin won the Rocket Richard Trophy with 32 goals (14 in April – not bad), Martin St. Louis became the oldest winner of the Art Ross Trophy at age 37 with 60 points, and Corey Crawford and Ray Emery won the Jennings Trophy for giving up the least goals against in a season (102 in 48 contests).


James Neal returned from concussion, is still good

Neal has been out for three weeks with a concussion, and reminded us that, yes, he’s still good upon his return.



Speaking of scoring nice goals…

Great look by Zuccarello to find Nash, helping the Rangers find the six-seed and a match-up against the Capitals.

I like the Nash celebration too – full credit on the goal is due to the passer, so go to the passer and not for some silly glass jump.


Jochen Hecht retired after the Sabres final game

He’s been with Buffalo since 2002, and has decided it’s time to head back to Germany with his family.

Speaking of Buffalo’s final game this season: it was Ryan Miller’s 500th career contest, and possibly his last. His house is up for sale, after all.


Brian Burke is suing some internet commenters

I’m gonna get out of the way of this one. Here’s how the Canadian Press explains it:

Burke alleges online comments published by the 18 people whose identities are unknown to him are untrue.

The online statements claim that Burke was fired as the president and general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs because of an extra-marital affair with Rogers Sportsnet reporter Hazel Mae.

The civil suit says Burke is suing for losses and damages to his reputation because of untrue the statements and in a news release, Burke says the comments have also hurt his family.

Some of the names of the internet commenters have been released. (Seriously, not a joke.)


Yup. Poonerman and Cam Barker Fan.

Seriously. Not a joke.


Joe got Sacco’d

That’s a terrible sub-heading. Anyway, the Avalanche have fired coach Joe Sacco.


Ryan Whitney got his pout on

On locker clean out day, players meet with the media and say meaningless stuff. Or at least, they usually say meaningless stuff. Ryan Whitney took the opportunity to vaguely crap on the way he was treated in Edmonton.

Which seems to overlook the fact that there was definitely one guy who could’ve been scratched more: him.


Some ca-razy goalie stuff happened

You saw Bobrovsky’s saves, here’s what Semyon Varlamov did:

And now, the greatest save of the weekend comes from the AHL - SAY WHAAAAAAT Drew MacIntyre

Behind the back, b*****s.