Los Angeles Kings v St. Louis Blues - Game Two

Holy smokes, the playoffs are here! And we did a podcast, on which we discussed:

* Last night’s draft lottery extravaganza

* Blackhawks/Wild

* Kings/Blues

* Ducks/Red Wings

* And not a whole lot more

You can listen to it here:


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  1. Jake Jake Jake. IF they don’t say Philly’s name at 11th (assuming they were 11th to start with) the ONLY other place they could be is first overall. Bourne is right. At that point opening the rest is even more of a waste of time than what it already was.

    NHL couldn’t make something newsworthy any more of a waste of time and boring if they tried to.

    • Did they not change the rule last week and make it so that any team can move up or drops a few spots? Not just get bumped up to 1st? Or did I dream that?

      • The old rule was only top 5 (worst 5) could move up to first overall. Anyone outside top 5 that was picked moved up 4 or 5 spots only.

        This years rule is anyone picked period gets first overall pick and the rest of the teams above them in the ranking all slide down 1 spot. So your boys ‘lumbus had some miniscule chance (0.5% or so) of getting picked and getting the first overall slot this year.

        So in last nights waste of time on tv if ‘Lumbus had won the rest of the envelopes were a waste of time as we would know they all had slid down 1 slot.

  2. On a positive note Jake, I liked the stats you brought to the discussion today about the series that start tonight. Not that I have completely drank ALL the koolaid yet about ALL the advanced stats but some seem to be more worthwhile to me than basic stats.

  3. Chicago lost to Phoenix in the first round. Oh better times

  4. Hey, the Kings scored a bunch of nice goals against the Blues last year, especially Kopitar’s shorthanded / Bobby Orr tribute in Game 2.

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