Winnipeg Jets v New York Islanders

No no no no

The sports marketing brain trust at Barclays Center is weighing a change in the team’s royal blue, orange and white team colors, sources said.

The focus groups will be done in about 45 days — and then team owner Charles Wang will be updated, a source said.

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Yormark is encouraged by his efforts at rebranding of the Nets upon landing in Brooklyn from Newark. Team colors were changed to black and white. Attendance rose from a league-worst 13,961 to 17,187 per game, and jerseys, which hadn’t cracked the top 10 in popularity, finished No. 4 this past season.

Yormark … said, “The colors black and white are the new badge of honor in Brooklyn. The question is, can we weave that into the [Islanders] color scheme, and create a connection to the fans here in Brooklyn?”

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No. Nonononononono, no.

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  1. NO……..NO………NO………..and NO

  2. No. No. No. No. No. No.

  3. Nyet. Nein. Non. Ne. Bu. Nei. Nao. Nej.

  4. as a person who is largely indifferent to the Islanders I can say those don’t look great.

  5. No, no no no no. No.

  6. No. No. No. No. No.

  7. I think they should go with an angry gordons fishermen

    • I may be one of the few, but I loved the fisherman. Didn’t care for the waves in the striping, but those were cool jerseys. If they *must* change to black and white, they should keep some color (traditional colors) in the logo but make the jersey black and white.

  8. Why Callahan on the back?

  9. Why the hell is there a callahan jersey. someone must be messing with islanders fans

  10. The article was a little wishy-washy, do you like the new designs?

    • I am also confused by the lack of conviction in this piece and the corresponding comments.

      Please clarify.


  12. Those are horrible.

  13. Yes. No. Maybe. Possibly. Eh. Sorta. Kinda. Sure. Nah.

  14. And Isle B your crying shoulder, Isle B love’s suicide. Isle B better when I’m older, Isle B the greatest fan of your liiiiiiiiife.


  16. That Post article says they were looking at a Brooklyn Dodgers kind of jersey as well, just blue and white with no orange.


    No no no no no no no no.

  17. “Attendance rose from a league-worst 13,961 to 17,187 per game, and jerseys, which hadn’t cracked the top 10 in popularity, finished No. 4 this past season.”

    Oh yeah, it was probably changing the colours that did that.

    • No way am I going to see the Nets. They’re just awful. They’ve been awful forever, and I’m not wasting money to go see a team lose….oh? That changed their colors to Black and White? Well the, what in the hell are we waiting for!!!! Let’s go!

  18. I think it is a great idea. The Islanders have been the joke of the league for over a decade. Unfortunately this seems to be ending. They are improving and even making the playoffs. This cannot be. Who will teams like the Panthers look at and say “at least we aren’t….”?

    With these jerseys, the joke can last forever! The Panthers can say “Sure, our jerseys look like they belong in a parade” (for pride, not a cup), “but at least we don’t have the Islanders colors!”

    (Note: this entire comment is sarcasm)


  20. I believe this website was invented for moments like this:

  21. Gotta say, though. The blue and orange sucks. Those two colours are not meant to be together.

    • This is false, blue and orange go great together. The Knicks, Mets, and Islanders all represent the blue and orange of NY.

  22. blue and orange go perfectly together.

    go look at a colour wheel.

  23. So, you don’t like the idea?

  24. Hells to the NO. Take a flying jump Yormark. The Nets didn’t suddenly gain in attendance and sell jerseys because of the new colors, they gained in attendance and sold jerseys because A) they relocated from a place nobody liked to go and B) they were actually halfway-good for once.


    • For a “place nobody liked to go” the Prudential Center did a pretty good job selling out Devils games this season.

      • True. But the Devils were a conference finalist last season and have played at the Prudential Center since it opened. The Nets played at the old Brendan Byrne/Continental Airlines/Izod Arena until 2010, so their tenancy at the Rock was always intended to be temporary. They have also sucked out loud for years; this is the first time they’ve won more than 25 games in a season since 2008.

    • To be fair, the Nets were just stopping by for some coffee in Newark and everyone knew it. Why am I going to emotionally invest in a team that I know is about to move?

      If you mean the meadowlands… yeah, no one wanted to go to that arena, and you have a point.

  25. “Insert Darth Vader’s Noooooo! here”

    All the jerseys look dull and uninspired with that colour scheme.

    However, I do like the Brooklyn/New York patch on the second design, something like that as a shoulder patch would be a nice nod to their new home.

    If they really do have to have a hipster black and white jersey, they could do it with the third jersey and have that Brooklyn/NY lighthouse logo as the main crest on the jersey. In my mind it would look sort of like the Penguins/#Lumbus third jerseys.

  26. From a branding point of view, the Islanders are going to have to get rid of the White, Blue and Orange color scheme which is associated with the Islanders but also the NY Mets and most importantly the NY Knicks.

    It’s easier to brand the Islanders and Nets together as Brooklyn athletic organizations if they share a color scheme. That color scheme then permeates the promotions, the arena decor, and so on and so forth.

    What’s worse would be having the Nets colors next to the Knicks colors all over the place. Talk about awkward.

    The Islanders don’t have to go to Black & White, and the submissions above are all mediocre at best, but they won’t be wearing Knicks colors once they start playing at Barclay’s center.

  27. No! No! No! No! Not even an Islanders fan, but No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Then again it is the same owner that kept Mike Milbury (and his punk kid) employed

  28. Yormark … said, “The colors black and white are the new badge of honor in Brooklyn. The question is, can we weave that into the [Islanders] color scheme, and create a connection to the fans here in Brooklyn?”

    You’re moving a grand total of 28 miles. Do you need to create a connection with a fanbase that is already there? Do they think they are going to sway Rangers fans with a new color scheme?

    The Islanders are a team on the rise with loads of young talent. Why try to dumb them down with possibly the most boring color scheme known to man?

  29. They should do this, but only if they keep their 3rd Jersey. That would be so cool! Who’s with me! Put a rush on those and introduce them next year, with a special f u local politicians patch on them as well.
    I would love to hear Bob Bourne’s reaction on the podcast. In truth, those might be cool jersey’s with the PROPER COLORS!

  30. I like the brooklyn Dodgers idea. Could make some sick jerseys from that. The Isle’s do need a change. They have had the worst uni’s for a very long time. Give Johnny T. a fresh start.

  31. “Hey let’s strip a team of its iconography and make them the Nets li’l bro” this can’t really happen can it?

  32. NO. NO.NO. NOPE! NO WAY!

  33. Havent we suffered enough with Bad Uniforms. please all lets go to the barclays center for this preseason game with the Devils and Protest this! they can have a $hitty 3rd jersey if they want but cant they leave our classic duds alone?

  34. The LA kings of the west eh.

    • To be fair, Gretzky era Kings jerseys were pretty sweet. Though at least they had grey to go with the black and white!

  35. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  36. I’ll go Bourne one better and say FUCK NO.

  37. Black and White belongs to the LA Kings. Leave it alone.

  38. if they beat the penguins then no. if not then yes.

  39. Yes, yes, yes. As a Ranger fan I’d love to see the Islanders embarrass themselves yet again. Would be awesome for them to make this move.

    How long until the name changes to Brooklyn Islanders, despite Wang’s promise?

  40. Just a thought, but is it possible that basketball fans respond better to the “Thug” ethos that is my first impression of the whole black & white scheme? Maybe they should change the name to the “Crooklyn” Islanders for more “Street Cred”. The predominant opinion of most of the people who responded so far (who I have to assume are hockey fans who care at least a little) is negative. Isn’t THAT a focus group? Maybe they want to attract new fans though.

  41. NOPE! This is ridiculous, and would make any Isles-Kings games unwatchable. Seriously, take you color scheme and run with it.

  42. Wow. I’m an un-sarcastic yeah why not? The new logos are good. I’m OK with it.

  43. “Thank you for supporting this terrible team for the last 10 years. Now, give us a few hundred dollars for this new and ugly jersey”

  44. In the words of Thor, I SAY THEE NAY!

    Good lord, is this how bad the Kings looked when they got rid of the purple? If so, my apologies for buying any of the new era merchandise.

  45. Hmmmm still better then the Raptors

  46. No.


  47. Expletive NO. What is this, Wang’s idea? *gag*

  48. my professional opinion: fuck no.

  49. Nope. Niet. Nay. Non. Horrible, characterless, nasty.

  50. Yormark? As in Bett Yormark? As in, the twin brother of Michael Yormark? As in, the twin brother of the Michael Yormark who took a Panther team that was a regular in the playoffs and ran them so deep into the gutter that they might be moving?

    Yeah, I’d ignore his input if I were the Islanders.

    • Michael Yormark isn’t in charge of hockey ops. You can blame a succession of short-lived general managers (Jacques Martin, Mike Keenan, Rick Dudley, etc.) hired by the former owner for their long decline.

      Michael Yormark, however, is the guy who brought us the Panthers third jersey in sponsor colors that looked like it was designed by a third-grader, alternately called “Happy Cat” or the “JetBlues” depending on your outlook. He’s also the guy who brought us the big empty space behind the benches (Club Dead), and many promotions that Puck Daddy has made fun of over the years.

      Enjoy having a Yormark involved with your team, Isles fans.

  51. “Hey guys, we need to get rappers wearing our uniforms in their rock-and-roll videos – they still do those, right? Where they blur out the gang signs and all that? Anyway, how do we get them to wear our shirts?”


    “I know, what if we changed our uniforms, so that the colors we’ve had since the team came into existence, which generations of fans have identified with since they first knew how to cheer, were just dumped in the trash, and we used black and white? Heck, we could throw a little grey in there, add some sparkle and call it ‘silver’. People will eat them up”

    - Branding conversation had at every pro sports teams whose colors didn’t already involve black

  52. No.

    Black and white is so 1990.

    The colours and logo could be slightly refreshed, why not, but the overall impression has to read as the good old Islanders logo that was good enough to be worn while holding up the Stanley Cup.

    As a Vancouver fan, I know a great deal about suffering through ill-considered radical costume changes.

  53. They’re better than the current 3rd jerseys…but that doesn’t say much. Pretty sure Captain Fucking Highliner was better than those things.

  54. oh lord no those are terrible. keep the blue and orange, i quite enjoy the islanders jerseys

  55. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. PLEASE rename them the CONEY ISLANDERS!!!!!!!!!!

  57. I don’t mind them, I think it would look good with a bit of orange and blue outlines. Right now they look to much like the LA Kings. A kings vs Islanders game would look like a bunch of referees.

    • I do kind of like the lighthouse patch on one of the mockups, and with a different color scheme the cross-sticks crest on the last mockup could grow on me. But the “experts” who have decreed that the Brooklyn Nets should be held up as the design standard for the area are insane. The Nets did not reinvent the wheel here. They’ve got a black jersey with white lettering, and a white jersey with black lettering. It’s not exactly earth-shattering design.

      If they want to put a *little* black on the Isles jerseys, it could work. I totally get wanting to freshen up the look, or however you want to describe it, in combination with moving into the new digs, but you can’t just ditch the blue and orange, especially if you are going to hang Cup banners that are going to have blue and orange all over them.

  58. If no one else is going to bring it up, what the fuck is that lighthouse? Was the bridge too famous? Was the Long Island “Big Duck” too strange?

    Not a fan of any of these, I’ll see if I can get in on that marketing group.

  59. Please don’t take away the isles colors. The orange is the identifying color of an isles jersey. Do a black and white 3rd to tie the teams together. Don’t mess with tradition.

  60. Those are worse than the time the raccoon got in the copier

  61. This is taken from the icethetics concept gallery and thats all it is, a concept some came up with when they heard the Islanders were moving to the Barclays Center. These are not becoming the new jerseys

    Also the owner of the Islanders Mr. Wong has said as long as he owns the logo doesn’t change

  62. God no, again, The Nets logo is really poorly executed. The typography is shit. Please don’t do this, the Islanders logo is well designed and the colors stand up as iconic. If we need to change the placement of the hockey stick then fine, but otherwise, keep it.

    I’m not a fan of all black as a hockey uniform anyway – it seems low rent given the rich history of design and use of color in the league. The Kings can have it as a sole example, and their crest is much better executed than the CorelDraw turd that is the Nets logo, but even then, they should have kept the purple and gold.

  63. Holy Jesus H. Fuck, NO! The Islanders have one of the most underrated uniforms in the league, and are classic. These are just a shitty, forced knockoff of the Nets. Furthermore, the Nets saw a boost in jersey sales because their jerseys were previously really shitty and uninspiring, and Jay-Z essentially branded the team with his spooge, thus making them cool for all the Brooklyn hipsters. This is just…wow…no. Based on the “Callahan” jersey hopefully this turns out to be a joke Rangers fans are playing on their rivals. Either way, I’m sure Charles Wang will come to his senses and make good decisions like he usually doesssOHMYGOD they’re going to wear these.

  64. You can tell how against the ideas people are by the fact that I have never seen so many comments here before.

  65. I’m colorblind, can someone please describe what this is supposed to look like?

  66. These make the current thirds look good.

  67. absolutley not, the islanders are blue, white, and orange. dont need another drab ass looking team. the mets finally got it right removing black because they realized how great the royal and orange goes together. im so sick of this brooklyn is the center of the universe mentality and all this bandwagon gangsta crap. brooklyn nets crap didnt sell because of the team, it sold because ti said brooklyn on it. honestly i dont see what the big deal is about brooklyn. it isnt long island and it isnt manhattan, brooklyn was always been talked down upon as being run down and full of peopel you want to avoid, now everyone is glamouring over it because they got some crappy boring unispired gangsta rebrand for a crappy irrelvant team. sorry when the isles move there we arent lookign for a rebirth, we just need a home. we dont need a new name, new look, new colors, new uniforms or anything. 40 years of tradition and oen fo the greatest cup runs in history doesnt warrant a shitty redesign because “brooklyn is hip and gangsta”

  68. and what is with the “isle” concept, is that person reatrded? bnot even isles…just isle. dumb ass. just as dumb as the idea of changing the name from “New York Islanders” to just “Islanders Hockey” …yea not evena location. how bush league can you get. this focus group is full of brain dead people who will flat out ignore 40+ years of history and the existing fan base to promkote thier shitty enterprise and brand.

  69. Do it. I hate the new Nets colors (and immediately stopped rooting for them when they decided to utterly rebrand themselves,) and I was trying to find a reason to hope for the Islanders’ failure.

    Go Devils.

  70. Silly, but I’d be fine with this IF THE KINGS HADN’T ALREADY CORNERED THE MARKET on black and white. Thus, my opinion, as is others’, is a big, fat, monosyllabic “NO.”


  71. The only problem I see with the Islander branding is the colour orange. If they changed it to silver or something neutral then the current design would look more up to date and there would be less backlash.

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