CBC is the best in the business when it comes to inspiring emotion in hockey fans. Here’s what they played before the start of the Leafs/Bruins game tonight. Goosebumps.

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  1. BEST. MONTAGES. EVER. Kudos to the CBC. Thanks for posting Justin! I’ve watched a lot of sports and seen a lot of playoffs, but nothing, NOTHING compares to hockey.

  2. How about examples of other great montages so we can compare?

  3. I didn’t count but there had to be at least 3 career-altering concussions in that montage!!

  4. Yes, goosebumps. For me it was the Stevens hit on Kariya, Kariya’s stillness, then his visor fogging up when his brain remembered to tell the lungs to breathe, and his subsequent goal. The rest of the montage was merely awesome.

  5. shit balls that was awesome!!

  6. The montage is wonderful, but then again CBC has to continue to make up for the fact that they FUCKED UP, big time, by refusing to renew paying royalties to Dolores Claman for the HNiC theme; allowing it to slide over to TSN.

    Sure. Nice montages. Yay. But some awfully dumbassed, shortsighted, bean-counting management, allowing a Canadian legacy to simply slip through their stupid, douchey fingers to a US-based competitor.

    Nice way to utterly shit on their own brand in the worst way possible, after having cultivated it for over 50 years.

    Fuckers are as dumb as a box of rocks; but then again, what can one expect from a government-run business populated with corrupt individuals who look for new reasons to sell out for the biggest kickback, while wallowing in shameless nepotism

    …whatever. (…very slow and deliberate golf clap.) Hip-hip hooray, to the fucking CBC.

    C’mon Bourne. You can do better than to get your dick all lathered-up over something like this, while purposefully forgetting this bungling corporation’s epic missteps. Yes?

  7. Holy hell, Icehound. Take your meds for frick sakes.

  8. Way to go CBC! I show your montages to my Grade 10 class each morning to pump us up for the day!

  9. And in America we get to hear Doc Emrick trying to make every word out of his mouth the next “Do you believe in miracles?” NHL Network showing HNIC on Saturdays is a real highlight of my week. I got the goosebumps at the Messier & “I can die now” sign clip.

    icehound, you should come to America if you think the CBC situation is inexcusable. Everything we do down here is like that.

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