I’m not really mad at either of them for these plays here. JVR annoys Marchand, Marchand gives him a half-ass “Oh, eff off” stick swing without actually trying to hit him. The longer this series goes on, the better this little game within a game will be.

(Stick-tap to @Dr_Habs)

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  1. @HackswithHaggs: Brad Marchand on why he swung the stick at James van Riemsdyk like a sword in 3rd period: “He speared me in the privates.” #BruinsTalk

    I’d actually like to see JVR try that move on Lucic or McQuaid. ;-)

  2. Marchand also literally yelled at Kessel the entire night. Kessel didn’t take the bait and ignored him the entire game. Toronto did the same thing trying to agitate Chara. Should be a fun series.

  3. Speaking of hatred-fuelled stories-within-stories, I really hope there’s a BShelf piece on Damien Cox, the sports editor for Toronto’s biggest paper, who hates Toronto’s hockey team, hates hockey in general, has publicly indicated that hatred pretty regularly, yet still gets paid to write 100% pure, uncut, Uninformed Media Narrative on exactly those things every day?

  4. Awesome to see, but if I ever swung two-handed like that growing up (born in ’89), my father would have chewed me out, and then benched me.

    All for the theatrics JVR pulled, but two hand swings are a little excessive. Marchand being Marchand, though.

  5. And then JVR going absurdly out of his way to hit Marchand was followed shortly by that goal against… people really do not seem to realise Marchand is not easy to hit. And I say this as someone who wishes he were laid out every shift.

    • Yea exactly. Kessel was smart to ignore him the entire night. He draws focus away from the play which leads to goals. Or he draws penalties. Just ignore him.

  6. Enh. It looks like Marchand skated right into poor JVR as he was just trying to get on the ice. I think with the hieght differential, JVR might not have even seen the Rat . . .

  7. And boy, if Marchand makes contact there… world of hurt.

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