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Later this afternoon, Andrew Ference has a phone hearing with the NHL to discuss what happened last night. What happened, by the way, was him hitting Mikhail Grabovski’s head with his elbow. Let’s check out the video, then discuss what we think it’s worth (in ternms of supplemental discipline), if anything.

The facts:

The pucks gets chipped into the corner by Joffrey Lupul, who intends for Mikhail Grabovski to go pursue it. He does. Andrew Ference sees Grabovski heading to get the puck in the corner, and sees he can be first on it. He leaves his post at the front of the net, and a foot race for the puck is on. Whoever gets to the puck first is likely going to get hit by the other guy. Ference gets their first, but instead of focusing on the puck, he focuses on the man about to engage him in contact. Grabovski sees Ference get to the puck first, and seems to want to step around him to engage from the other side of him. Ference goes from initially bracing for contact, to realizing he’ll have to extend himself to do so. He chooses to extend with his arm, and his forearm catches Grabovski in the head.

My opinion:

I think Andrew Ference really thought he was going to get hit and hit hard, and is prepping for two players going shoulder-to-shoulder going to war over the puck. He gets his shoulder low initially, leaves the puck knowing it’ll be there after the contact, and suddenly…his foe is doing something else. But he’s already leaning in doesn’t want to miss a bodycheck while leaving the puck, which would leave Grabovski alone with the puck and him being the guy who went for the body instead of the puck and doofed up, so he wants to get some contact. It’s a reach as much as an elbow, but it’s a bad hit.

I think he should, and will get a game suspension for the contact to the head. I don’t think he targeted it, but when I think all is said and done, he’s responsible for himself and put another player in danger with his actions.

Your opinion:

In the comments, we’d love to hear if you think this was a malicious play, a hockey play, or something totally different. The caveat: as always with “Court of Public Opinion” posts, you have to honestly list your favourite team (I have no dog in the fight as an Isles guy). That doesn’t mean if you’re a Leafs fan and you think it was vicious and terrible that your opinion will be immediately discounted. I just think it helps with context.

Comments (134)

  1. Leafs fan.

    Ference has been know to throw an elbow or two in the past

    I actually can’t suggest what would be appropriate -I think two games would satisfy me as a Leafs fan but I don’t know if it is two game ‘worthy’ from an unbiased point of view.

    • Except that wasn’t an elbow, and Halpern was looking the other way and skated right into Ference. You can’t blame Ference for Halpern’s obliviousness/idiocy.

      • Except you can. (1) Halpern was unsuspecting of a hit since he was looking the other way (I’m not implying you can’t hit a guy that isn’t looking, but in combination with point 2 and 3, I think it was a reckless/stupid hit), (2) Ference saw this and extended his shoulder out to make contact with the head, (3) the Bruins had the puck and the play was going the other way, so there was no need for it. Point being, Ference saw a vulnerable player and purposely hit him in the head.

        • LOL, Ference barely moved. Blaming him for that hit is like blaming a lamp post after you plow into it.

          • Barely move is still a movement toward an unsuspecting player, altough a sneaky, dirty little move like that is considered cleanest of the clean for a Bruin.

  2. Leafs fan, and I think it should be a two game suspension. This isn’t the first time Ference has done something like this, and you can’t just throw your elbow out at a guy’s head like that. Reckless play, even though I doubt it was pre-meditated.

  3. Isles fan here.

    Maybe I’m really grouchy after last night, but this looks like two games. There’s that whole video where Shanahan explains the difference between initiating contact to defend against a check and a penalty. In general, if you get that elbow or stick up and the other guy piles into it at speed, you’re gonna get in trouble.

  4. Fan of the Leaves here. Here’s what I worry about: Grabovski does better against the Bruins than any other Leaf, and he keeps getting concussed. Chara bonked his head into the glass twice in one game, and this, which looked more intentional to me than it did to you. So – could there be any intent?

    Personally I think it was despicable that they left Grabovski on the ice as the game was getting out of reach. This was bad, and he had trouble getting up later after his head may have snapped back against the ice after another hit. Carlyle doesn’t think much of concussion protocols, and I worry about long-term impact.

    • The code goes as such:

      Anything that can benefit the team (as long as it’s the Bruins) is allowed. This includes attempts to injure, embellishment, and instigating fights when the game is all but over. Any other team that does any of the above will be called out in the media by our coach and our collective goon squad.

      (Last edited by Shawn Thornton)

  5. Leafs Fan

    Fan in me wants 2 games

    But this being playoff hockey 1 game is more likely.

    ..Or make a move to determine length on conditional basis i.e leafs win next game only 1 game suspension. leafs lose – - 2games! HA

  6. That’s typical dirty Bruin hockey. Expect more.

  7. Hawks fan here. Ference definitely extended his arm to make the hit. I don’t think he was aiming for his head, but he should probably get a game. Being the playoffs he may get off with a fine.

  8. This actually works out beautifully for the Bruins. I can’t stand watching Ference cough up the puck. He’s easily the worst of the six defensemen the Bruins dressed last night. Love his passion, but he’s too slow, gives the puck away too much and panics in his own end. Time for Dougie. Hopefully he plays well enough in Game 2 to keep Ference out of the lineup for good.

  9. “Ference gets their first, but instead of focusing on the puck, he focuses on the man about to engage him in contact. ”

    Bruins fans should hope he gets suspended for this very reason. Freaking idiot – if he’s that afraid of being hit that he misses the puck completely despite being there first he shouldn’t be playing.

  10. hawks fan
    since its playoffs now and first incident of this yr where a play is under review itll be a game. no call on ice, no injury, nothing too malicious so itll be a shot across the bow and have him sit for a game. what really should be in review is grabo’s head, how does his coach/training staff keep him out there after repeat hits to the cranium. i know its playoffs but its a (potential) seven game series and this one was out of reach.

  11. It’s not really an elbow, as Grab’s visor hits the numbers on Ference’s arm and cuts him. Ference definitely was bracing for the hit, and decided to continue with contact.

    Ference will get 1 or 2 games, but only to appease the homers on CBC.

    I’m still shaking my head on the Bergeron dis-allowed goal. Was that a mercy ruling? No one stopped the play, but we are all going to decide afterwards that it should have been?

    • You forgot to mention who you are a fan of. The suspense is killing me.

      I suppose you whine about Cooke on Savard too?

    • Leaf fan.

      Disagree with your assessment of the elbow.

      Agree with you on the dis-allowed goal.

      • Canucks fan.
        I don’t know how you can say that wasn’t an elbow…it’s really blatent, so blatent he’s still holding his elbow out well after he’s hit Grabovski with it. Intention doesn’t really matter imo, your a pro and reponsable for what you do same as high sticks and hitting from behind. The Bergeron disallowed goal was a joke for sure, mercy for Reimer who played alot better than anyone else on his team. I’d be ok with one game though, if for no other reason than that I think suspensions should be low in playoff time.

    • Bruins fan here. As I said, this should not be a pentalty because Ference had the puck and the Leaf skates into him. The Leafs always get the good calls because they need help to stay in the league because the league helps them to stay in the league since they need money all the time. They suck on the other teams money. Bruins are not an expansion team like the leafs.

  12. Hawks fan.

    While Ference contacts the head, it was not targeted, even though it was the initial point of contact. Was Grabs hurt on the play? What is Ference’s disciplinary record while in the NHL?
    Probably worth maybe 1 game of playoff hockey, but I can’t see more than that, unless Ference is a repeat offender with a history of hits like this. It was definitely an elbow though.

  13. Leaf fan, 2 games for sure, clearly targeted the head and has history.

  14. I’m a Habs fan and I think it’s a 2 game elbow. Looked like Terence was going for the puck, then last minute the elbow comes up and clips him. I’ve seen less than this get 2 games, playoffs or not, a headshot should remain the same. A headshot.

    • Bruins fan here, of course you would say that. I am shocked you haven’t called the cops yet. I have been listen to Habs fans cry about hits for 25 years now. So this does not surprise me.

  15. …Flames fan…. :(

    If Dustin Brown got two for the Pominville incident then Ference should get two for this hit.

    • Your post was not there when I began mine. Clicked on “Post Comment” and lo and behold, there it is. HaHa!

    • I got a big laugh out of your expression of embarrassment of being a Flames fan. Then I realized, I root for Colorado :(

  16. Wild fan. This looks very similar to Brown / Pominville. In each case a guy bracing for impending contact goes on the offensive with an elbow / flipper directly to the head of oncoming oppenent. The fact that Fernuckle extends his flipper as far as he did makes it deliberate. Question becomes are suspensions in the playoffs worth as much as suspensions during a condensed regular season? If so, then 2 games would seem about right. But the next time Shanny is lauded for consistency will be the first.

  17. If they gave Dustin Brown 2 games last week it should be the same, but I’m a Kings fan!

  18. Bruins fan,
    I don’t like saying this but It was dirty. He will get one game and he should. But last nights game was full of dirty plays (spearing someone’s groin) please don’t take it out of context.

    • It’s really weird how these dirty plays happen primarily in Bruins games. Let’s see how the Bruins compare to years past:

      Marchand – lost his edge, probably the nicest guy on the team
      Thornton – Won’t drop the gloves anymore, afraid of another concussion
      Horton – Same, but worse
      Chara – Slowing down
      Lucic – lost his hands, not a goal scoring threat anymore (still big though)
      Rask – No Tim Thomas, nuff said.

      Prepare for heartache B’s fans, if not this round, then the next, haha

    • You bash me as a Habs fan, then you agree with me in another comment. Don’t generalize me with hab fans that are cry babies. I just voiced my opinion based on the hit, not because a bruin player did it.

  19. CBJ

    A few people mentioned Brown-Pominville as a comparison, which is probably apt. But that means it will only be one game. Playoff game = two regular season games. Brown got two, Ference will get one.

  20. Flyers Fan

    Not the worst hit but the head was the principle point of contact. I don’t think he was targeting the head but it was reckless. In the regular season I would say 1-2 games. I think a fine in this case would actually be the right call, 1 game at most.

  21. Habs fan

    Typical Ference cheap shot. Would like 2, will get 1. It is not as violent as Brown on Pominville.

    Char your rosy tinted glass are pathetic. That Ference hit on Halpern was like when Crosby got his concussion. You shouldn’t hit a player to the head when he doesn’t have the puck and doesn’t see you, even if you make it look like an accident.

  22. Ew.

    Bruins fan, and I call that one dirty. One with no other factors, but given the Brown/Pominville call, and Ference’s history, expecting two.

  23. Canes fan. This seems similar to Hansen-Hossa from earlier this year, in that Ference probably wasn’t targeting the head, but a player still has to be responsible for his body. One game seems appropriate.

  24. Bruins fan

    I don’t think Ference targeted the head, and I don’t even think he got him with the elbow, but regardless it was a hit to the head when Grabovski didn’t even have the puck.

    1 Game Suspension IMHO because it’s the playoffs. Regular season, he gets 2, maybe 3.

  25. Sens fan here.

    While I’d love to see the Leafs go down, this is an absolute suspension. Ference has a history, and the only point of contact is Grabovski’s head. This is a 4 game suspension in the regular season.

    That being said, we’re in the playoffs, so I’m saying 2 games.

  26. Leafs fan.

    ^ will is on the money.

    He’ll be suspended one game due to the playoffs. Otherwise 2-3.

    Excellent call.

  27. Leafs fan.

    Should be at least one game, probably will be one. It was a reckless play, and if you want to get rid of them, you punish the offenders.

  28. Isles fan. 3 games for Ference for being a stupid stupid man and doing it right in front of a camera. Duh.

  29. Leafs fan. I agree with “should be 2, will be 1 due to playoffs” and I can live with that. He saw him coming and got the elbow out there but the Big Grabovski is pretty short and the elbow ended buried in his mush. Unfortunate for both parties.

    He’s a tough little bugger though, isn’t he?

  30. Canucks fan

    Initiated contact with the head of a defenseless player (because he didn’t have time to get out of the way). I think it’s a 2-gamer in the regular season, 1-gamer in the playoffs.

  31. Bruins Fan

    I feel like it deserves one game, wouldn’t be surprised if its 2 because of history.
    Unfortunate for Grabo, he is probably my favorite leaf to watch play.

    • His only history was flipping off the Montreal crowd. Whatever the league decides is fine with me.

      • Wrong, Ference is dirty. 5 and a game for hitting McDonagh from behind?

        Julien was quoted as saying “Andrew Ference is not a dirty player”. This means, of course, that Ference is a dirty player.

      • Ference got 3 for the McDonagh hit, so it counts if it’s in the history window if they decide supplemental discipline is warranted. They say it only impacts the discipline decision (fines/games) and does not have any bearing on the actual review of the play. He just got fined for the gesture, but I don’t know if it a non-contact play would factor into a reviewed hit or not. You’d think it wouldn’t but who knows?

  32. Flames Fan

    One game as many have said due to playoffs.
    Leafs have no chance either way so I wouldn’t really get overly worked up about the difference between one and two games for Ference changing any series outcome. Two games would set a bad precedent for the rest of the playoffs, I’m positive we will see much much worse so it would be a shame for this ruling to dictate one in a series where the outcome is still in question. Sorry Leaf fans, just calling it how I see it personally.

  33. OK, so one playoff game might hurt a team equal to 2 regular season games. What does that have to do with the leagues supposed concern for the life long effects of a head injury to another human?

  34. Leafs fan…but I’m not “Leafs Nation”.

    As for what happened, 2 games max but he’ll probably just get the one.

  35. a head shot is a head shot… the NHL cracked down on this this season and handed out a suspension to Lupul for something that appeared to be nothing. with sherrff Shanahan tho.. who knows but should be called consistant with other incidents this season. 2 games seems appropriate.

  36. Ference makes contact with the head through an extended elbow, which is reckless and fine-worthy, but Grabo put himself in a dangerous position by going low there. The onus is on Ference but had Grabovski not put himself in that position it would have been an unremarkably clean hit. I say a fine is appropriate.

  37. Pens fan

    Doesn’t look intentional, but it was a dumb move that should have been drilled out of him during the last few seasons since concussions started getting popular to talk about.

    I’m with those comparing the hit to the Brown – Pominville incident. It makes me sick that the league will justify a lesser suspension (if any) just because it’s a playoff game and therefore that much more crucial to miss. Tell that to the guy who’s body will still take the same amount of time to heal, regardless if it’s a preseason game or the SC finals. Nothing like the playoffs to turn Shanaban into an asshat.


  38. Intentional and dirty. 2 games easy.

  39. Bruins fan. Was at the game. It looked bad in real time, I was pretty surpised there wasn’t a call on the play. The crowd loved the hit, I kind of cringed. I think Ference is a pretty honest player though, looking at the replay I think he should get a game.

  40. Hawks fan here,

    The hit wasn’t clean. The only body part that took any contact was MG’s head from AF’s upper arm/shoulder. I’d like to see 2 games to send a clearer message that the head of your opponent is not something you hit.

  41. If the ref had a better angle and saw the elbow come up this would’ve been an automatic major penalty and game misconduct, due to the cut on Grab’s face (rule 45.3), plus potential suspension on top of that. There’s no way this can be less than 2 games. The extended 5 on 3 and lengthy major penalty already with a 1-0 lead would’ve been more of a benefit to the Leafs than Ferrence being suspended for 2+ games. Horrible call on the ice.

    (Habs fan)

    • Wow! Hope the rest of you see what us B’s fans have to deal with ALL the time. It should be 1 game and it will be 1 game.

      • If “it should be one game and will be one game” then it should also have been a major penalty. You’re too biased to see that. The second game I’m suggesting is because he didn’t get his game misconduct (while still in the first period). Can you say with a straight face that even a 2-game suspension is worse for the Bruins than the major+game would’ve been?

  42. I think they should move the leafs to Hamilton and the jayz to Ottawa

  43. Bruins fan here. Should be a game since it was to the head, intentional or not.

    But since Grabovsky was diving on any hint of contact throughout the game, couldn’t have happened to a more deserving leaf.

  44. Louis CK Fan here.

    1 Game. He was bracing for a hit, but it was reckless.

  45. As a Bruins fan I don’t think this should be a penalty. Gravobski clearly meant to get hit as he leads in to the hit onpurpose. Ference was simply aying the puck as Gavobski goes for the puck and Ference hot him while he stick handles. Who cares anyway since the Bruins will win the series in 3 games and the Leafs will put their hands out for money from the league this summer wit the rest of the money losers.

  46. Bruin fan here. Ference is on the same level as Kaleta in Buffalo. He’s a slimy weasel who has a history of giving fans the finger. There’s no need for him in the NHL and should get at least 1 if not more games for this elbow. Leafs fans need to go easier on Kessel as well. Seguin finished 67th in scoring this year and Kessel 5th. Why was this such a bad trade exactly???

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